A Ludicrous HyperExtension Of Humor Relative To The Judiciary In Recent Court Ruling Sentencing Prabhakaran To 200 Years In Prison.

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In a manner which leaves no room even for hypothetical conjecture a Sri Lankan Court has sentenced the infamous Velupillai Prabhakaran to 200 years in Prison in absentia when the individuals whereabouts are known and has been accessible to journalists, diplomats, foreign dignitaries and the like so is this some kind of joke? A ludicrous hyper extension of idiosyncratic humor relative to the Lankan Judiciary which has the stamp"Only Possible In Sri Lanka" all over it!

The Sentence delivered has orderd the police to arrest the LTTE Leader for murder and destruction of public property and confiscate his assets and property in a manner reminiscent of the cats who summoned a conference to 'bell the cat' at the end of which there was no one to carry out the decision! Noble nonetheless but what about its practicality?And the 19 odd years within which it could have been accomplished!

Realistically and through concerted efforts Prabhakaran could have and should have been apprehended many times over and particularly during the timehe emerged from the Wanni in his safari suit and swagger regardless of the so called tight security around him with his armed guards who it is rumored regard him as a 'god' and the legal jargon which now has pervaded into realms of feigned reality has begun to take on appearances filtering from the sublime to the ridiculous as Prabhakaran will neither be apprehended nor convicted at the present time through legislation which is more theoretical than practical and unless flushed out of his lair and forcibly apprehended and manacled physically rather than through official legal channels waving white papers, arrest warrants or writs which might as well be tossed into the Indian Ocean for their worthlessness.
Disdainfully the authoriries who may have considered the option of surprise militarily seem to have fanned on it as did their predecessors now out of office! especially in the absence of the once heroic cohorts of Major General Janaka Perera and fearing other reprisals and the fierce firefight it may have projected so what about cunning and strategy? as after all, even Serbia's Slobodan Milasovich who was believed to be an inaccessible demi-god too was ultimately collared, fingerprinted, caged, and taken to the International Tribunal in the Hague where he awaits his date with his nemesis.

There have been unconfirmed reports to add to the mystiqe surrounding the issue that during the occupation of the Indian Peacekeeping Force's (IPKF) occupation of Northern Sri Lanka and the tenure of the late Hon. Rajive Gandi, Prabhakaran was indeed apprehended by the Indian Forces yet released unwittingly or on the orders of the then incumbent President as the story goes but there have been no verifiable sources to ascertain the fact.

However the timing of this court ruling seems rather uncanny and inauspicious for both the LTTE as well as the UNF Government heading out to Thailand for the second round of the Peace Talks as it does not augur well for the credibilities of either side as there are stark implications which may eventually expose the hypocrisies of the Government bartering for peace on one hand and now demanding the arrest of the LTTE Leader in absentia through this ruling.

The ruling neverthless has its logical connotations solely on the reality that the individual sentenced thus is indeed wanted by Interpol, the Indian and ironically the Sri Lankan Government ( now waving olive branches at the LTTE) and the principle set in place demanding his being brought to justice undeniably mandatory. If this is a commencement of the wheels of justice being set in motion then so be it, together with a dire need for positive action which must accompany the documentation and legal jargon to prove its effectiveness.





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