by Prof. Hudson McLean

"We should end the war without dividing the country. We will never give an Eelam", the Premier said.

Hooray!!! Ranil W. We shall watch your words and actions in the future. Perhaps you might improve on the transparency.

"Velupillai Prabakaran is both President and Prime Minister" - Dr. Anton S. Balasingham.

And another Antonius said, "I come to bury Ceaser, not to praise him!" That might come sooner than later. The question is, Who will come sooner, Antonius or Ceaser?

A President and Prime Minister "In Hiding". And the vocal chords disappearing through a side door, frightened to death of an Indian commando attack. As said earlier, these murderous terrorists are the worst cowards.

"We come to the negotiations without any preconditions" - Velupillai Prabakaran.

"I never expect a soldier to think" - George Bernard Shaw

Do come again, Thambi!

"Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasighe is the prime minister of only those who elected him. Here in Tamil Eelam our President and Prime Minister is Prabhakaran." - Dr. Anton Balasingham.

At least he tells the truth, sometimes, this Anton fella. But do enlighten us, good Doctor, Who elected your President and Prime Minister?

Looks like the dynamic duo Anton & Adele has been fattening the proverbial sacrificial pig.

And now to - "Revamp Intelligence Operations" - PM.

This is long overdue. The intelligence operations in Sri Lanka was and is an international joke. But Ranil W please "Do not jump from the Frying Pan into The Fire!"

My humble advice is, Do ask the American opinion but Get The Israeli Mossad to restructure the Sri Lankan intelligence with Indian backing. Israelis have a similar problem with suicide bombers and India has a vested interest to maintain the status quo. There is also a growing military cooperation between India and Israel to counter the Pakistani-Arab axis. Please take into consideration the September 11th and the disastrous 'non-intelligence' of the big footedness of the American agencies. Sri Lanka needs a more down-to-earth British MI5 / MI6 type approach.

Furthermore, Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service, the Number One in the world, has successfully spirited away wanted criminals from as far away as South America, Europe including UK and Italy, Africa into Israel. A couple of zombies from Wanniya into New Delhi would be a piece of cake.

To Upasiri de Silva from Hudson McLean: Re your comment in LankaWeb 30.04.2002.

Paskeralingham was and is a dangerous double edged sword used by the UNP. He prospered under Ronnie de Mel when de Mel was the Minister of Finance during the period when R. Premadasa was the Prime Minister.

Paskeralingham was also involved in the Urban Development programme and also had his tentacles in Finance, Housing, Dockyard, Land Reclamation, Port and Shipping affairs. But he was kept at an arms length by late Mr. ACS Hameed, the then Foreign Minister, a true Sri Lankan son.

A similar policy by Ranil W. would do no harm to the UNF by getting him off to IMF, World Bank or somewhere far, since the chap has limited diplomatic skills.

As a highly intelligent manipulator, it is also a known fact that he is an active member of the LTTE hierarchy but his only handicap to play a lead role in the future, is his age. In any case, Paskaralingam, through sheer greed, would elect to play a role of pulling strings, since he would be able to select the ones which would lead to "Moolah". We have a wealth of information related to Paskerlingam dating back to late 1970's.

We would also be grateful to receive any information (unrestricted factual information only) on the corrupt practices of the government officers and civil servants , then and now.

To answer your question, Upasiri - We keep our ears to the ground!

You would be amazed to hear how many expat Tamils in USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia etc sincerely wish that VP would go away and Sri Lanka would be a better place for all. Although many enjoy a high quality of life in foreign domains, most of them wish to return to Sri Lanka, simply on a holiday, to show their children, Jaffna, Trincomalee etc, a place where they used to called "home".

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