Prof. Hudson McLean

A democratically elected Prime Minister in an independent Sovereign State, sacrificing the pride and prestige of its citizens and the country, to pay homage to an internationally recognised criminal?

A National leader awaiting an invitation from a renown, internationally Proscribed terrorist, to crawl into, possibly blind folded, his jungle hideout!

Has this “Leader” got any self respect? Or any self esteem? Any pride? Dragging the whole Island and its people down a drainage pipe into a cess pit?

Would Churchill have visited Hitler’s bunker for a Scotch and a cigar, and to discuss peace? No. Churchill sent in the SAS. And Hilter committed suicide.

Would George W Bush pass by Afghanistan to shake Osama Bin Laden’s hand? No. GWB sent in a dozen guided missiles. That shook the entire Al Qaeda.

Would Tony Blair accept an invitation from the IRA for a pint of Guinness?
None of the British Prime Ministers gave into the terrorists!

Has a maggot entered RanilW’s brain through his ears and destroyed all his grey cells?

We have read that many a politician has no limit to selling his/her self esteem to hold on to the seat, but RanilW takes the cake! The international Joke!

Should RanilW even sets one foot north of Kandy to meet with Velupillai Prabhakaran, RanilW will degrade himself and the Nation to a level no other politician in the world has ever been. Kissing the arse of a Terrorist!

The Prime Minister, in our humble opinion, should put both his feet down and tell this Terrorist that, first, the LTTE terrorist organisation MUST renounce all illegal acts within and illegitimate claims on, the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka, before Sri Lanka decides to sit in the same room. And the time, date and place is the prerogative of the Government of Sri Lanka.

Follow the etiquette. Dignity and Decorum. Hold the National Pride high!

And if the mouth piece of LTTE, Dr. Anton Balasingham wishes to enter the territory of Sri Lanka, he has to abide by the usual procedure of immigration and use a normal gateway not through the back door into a terrorist controlled pond in the midst of the jungle. This applies to the Norwegians too. The Norwegian immigration will never accept such procedure should RanilW tried it on Norway. Therefore why should Sri Lanka tolerate such nonsense.

The Government of Sri Lanka should note the conclusions of the current Agenda of the Security Forum of the ten ASEAN countries, and their principle guests USA, Russia, China. Terrorism has ZERO tolerance at this meeting.

We commend RanilW for initiating the peace process, a by-product of the September 11th. However this does not mean that RanilW should go on his hands and knees with his head bowed to a third class bum. There is a limit to subservience!

Let us face facts and look at the man in the right perspective. If not for his father Esmond, who cozied upto his cousin JR Jayawardane and then used his power and influence on R. Premadasa, RanilW still would have been a simple back bencher.

And as the Peter Principle says, “The Man (RanilW) has reached his ultimate level of Incompetence”.

Without mincing words, RanilW is selling out the country and her people, to the Devil. Any politician with a dash of common sense would realise that, as things are today, LTTE type terrorism is history. The world at large has neither the time nor the sympathy for a bunch of third grade criminals who are trying a seize a chunk of real estate for their own selfish benefit.

Sri Lanka cannot be compared with Israel. Sri Lanka is not sitting on any ones property. Sri Lanka has given equal rights to all her citizens with all democratic rights. NE of Sri Lanka is not East Timor or Palestine. No single individual or a group may lay any claims on the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. Period.

Mineral deposits and possibly oil, gas, etc in the Northern sea between India and Sri Lanka, with a purpose built oil storage tank farm in Trincomalee. Who needs to depend on palmyrah trees and chilies to make ends meet? First the NE with a 60% of the Sri Lankan coast line. Then the rest of the Island in an overnight pusch.

Another insider question is, Has LTTE got an Agreement to let the Norwegians have the oil franchise on top of the fishing rights? And a ten percent franchise fee in perpetuity for Balasingham and Prabhakaran?

Peace, which RanilW is trying to achieve, if the LTTE terrorists ever come to the table, is short term. Once the LTTE Tigers take over the North East and the gateway to India, the citizens of Sri Lanka, both Sinhala and others will be cruelly suffocated and anihilated by the Tiger stranglehold. The borders will move at each sunset with the proclamation of newly created borders with the rising sun. Until Premadasa Jr is kicked out of Hambantota.

Peace which the LTTE is preaching is an illusion. A pipe dream. A bait. To lure fools. It is a Time Trap. As Uncle Mac has been forecasting all along, LTTE and its ill-educated leader with its bunch of hangers on, have no intention of entering into a dialogue of Peace. There is nothing to discuss.

The Sovereignity of the Island of Sri Lanka is a foregone conclusion.

Once this is accepted by all, the only other question one might ask is, “Shall we have a coconut-shell-full of palmyrah toddy or a Chivas Regal?”

The self centred politicians such as Professor G.L.Pieris will retire to their secure properties in Australia whilst the poor Sinhala will face the road blocks from the North and the Indian Ocean from the South. Or would the LTTE offer Prof. G.L. Pieris the position of Chairman of the Tamil Eelam Oil and Minerals Corporation?

Sinhala patriots must rise to face this challenge of a selfish government without a backbone, and urge the President to dissolve Parliament to hold fresh elections with defined terms of reference for a National Referendum, prior to any sell out. And Sri Lanka does not need the Norwegians in the middle for that, for this is an internal matter.

Options must be presented to the electorate so that the voters may decide on how low should the government led by RanilW or any other, Stoop to Conquer!


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