Muslims should oppose the establishment of a Mono-Ethnic territory.


The glorious Sri Lankan nation is being humiliated, degraded and demeaned every passing hour with the connivance of its own rulers by the LTTE, without shedding a drop of blood, and without spending a penny. The government which is bent on holding to the clutches of power at any cost and even at any extent of disgrace maintain a complete naivete over the anti national, unconstitutional, criminal and illegal activities of the ruthless terrorist group which devastated the nation for almost two decades.

No country in the world other than Sri Lanka has a shameless ruling clique calling themselves the elected rulers who allow a band of rogues to maintain a parallel administration, subject the people of a particular area to exorbitant taxation, expose to a jungle law other than the law of the country, retain Courts to pass verdicts to undermine and subvert the prevailing rules and regulations, run Police Stations to belittle and incapacitate the national Police Force, have a fully equipped and sophisticated army and navy even exceeding the strength of the national armed forces, uphold various establishments to impair the authority of government departments, to force school children and the adults to stage demonstrations and violence against security establishments and police stations, and even capture security forces personnel in blatant violation of the rule of law.

The so-called peace façade unveiled in Thailand was only a farce through which the country gained nothing but on the country the ruthless terrorists managed to achieve manifold advantages in their attempt to win international recognition to their absurd territorial claims and clear the black mark against them. The government's eagerness to have the so-called talks at any cost conferred the terrorists an equal status with the government and the master deceiver and experienced conniver Balasingham succeeded in stealing the show against the inexperienced dimwits in the Sri Lankan delegation.

Sri Lanka in its long and splendid history has successfully repulsed and defeated many foreign threats and invasions mostly from the grandfathers of the current terrorist group. Sri Lankan Muslims as a community with integral links and relationship with the majority community Sinhalese, have helped the Sinhalese Kings in many adversities and the Sinhalese too have made enormous contributions to the welfare of the Sri Lankan Muslim community. Muslims, particularly the Muslims in the Eastern province should not forget the fact that it was the Sinhalese King Senarath who settled Muslims in the Eastern province during his reign from 1609-1636.

On the contrary the Tamil community had always been adversaries of the Muslims and they have a history of attempting to use the Muslims for their advantage, depriving the Muslims of their legitimate dues and rights, and exercising blatant hypocrisy, mayhem, and genocide against them. Ponnambalam Ramanathan's earnest but futile attempt to deprive Muslim representation at the State Council, Chelvanayagam and his ilks artifice to use Muslims as a cats paw to quantify their percentage claims, violation of the agreement signed by Kittu even before its ink dried, genocide carried out by LTTE against Eastern Province Muslims massacring even people who were in prayers inside mosques, mass expulsion of Northern Province Muslims by the LTTE in 1990, confiscation of Muslim properties and subjugation of Muslims to ransom, Valachchenai murders and destruction contrary to Prabhakaran's promises are some of the adversities Muslims faced from this community.

Today the country is facing the biggest threat to its very existence. This threat has become enormous due to the fact that the band of rogues who are determined to establish their illusory regime by hook or crook are being helped unfortunately by a group of Sinhalese themselves who are at the helm of power, and their blind followers. To accelerate the acquisition of their hold in the Northern and Eastern Provinces they are surreptitiously and deceptively wooing the support of the Eastern province Muslims to their hideous plans in order to isolate the Sinhalese in the Eastern province and drive a wedge against the Sinhalese and Muslims. Muslims without falling into these traps should collectively stand against these moves in the larger interest of the country. Myopic politicians with proven records of betrayal, allegations of misappropriation, nepotism, and venality should not be allowed to destroy the interest of the community in particular and the country in general. The time is ripe for the Muslims to join hands with the Sinhala community and strive for the prevention of the establishment of a mono-ethnic territorial rule that would certainly pave the way for segregation in the near future.





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