200 Years Prison Sentence? .. What a joke! Now please pull my other leg; it has bells attached to it.

By Concerned Expatriate

As the Periscope-Global Sinhala Village eloquently stated in its recent article, the 200 years prison sentence for the LTTE leader, Mr. Vellupillai Prabaharan (VP), is “a ludicrous hyper extension of idiosyncratic humor relative to the Lankan Judiciary which has the stamp "Only Possible In Sri Lanka" all over it!” Nothing about this ruling is worth discussing because it has little or no effect on anything what so ever. But for the sake of weak-minded professors and blind followers some light should be shed on this issue; at least to give rise to some other possibilities.

This new ruling is an inconsequential and weak political move by the PA. Even a total idiot could see that this is nothing but a deliberate attempt to provoke the LTTE to abandon the peace talks, an action that could serve well for the SLFP, JVP, SU and the rest of the blood-thirsty war hawks. Why then was this ruling made in the midst of the second round of peace talks? Why the public was not made aware of the pending charges and the supporting arguments relevant to this case which preceded the ruling for such a long time; after all, the charges were important and serious enough to warrant a stiff 200 years sentence? It seems as if though the ruling High Court Judge, Justice Sarath Ambepitiya, just woke up one morning and wrote the ruling based on a mysterious phone call received the night before. First, the High Court rejects the proposed amendments to the Sri Lankan Constitution to limit the Presidential “Powers”, and then, before the dust settled, delivers a 200 years sentence for VP and his key associates and issues arrest warrants. One too many “Anti-Peace” /”Anti-UNF” decisions within a short span of time and during the critical phases of the peace talks. Something to think about for those who are easily impressed.

Why will these sentences and arrest warrants not have any effect? Because VP will continue to be in hiding and carryout his business as usual, and the world opinion on the LTTE and its leader will remain unchanged. If anything, the world opinion of the LTTE has improved a bit since they invoked the self-imposed ceasefire early this year, their commitment for political solution, and more recently, the change in their objective to drop their demand for a separate state and settle for regional autonomy within united Sri Lanka. Of course some may argue that all these changes were due to the Global War on Terrorism being lead by the United States of America. Though there might be some truth to it, everyone, including the CIA, FBI and Secret Services,knows (closed-minded folks excluded) that LTTE itself, as a rebel organization, poses no eminent threat to the world at large, only to Sri Lanka. What threatens the world, in relation to the LTTE, is the concept that a bunch of people within a country or a region could band together and acquire resources to form a military power strong enough to threaten the safety of a “legitimate” government of a sovereign nation. Yes, it is a strategic decision by the LTTE to take a proactive role in the peace initiatives in order to preserve its support and avoid being targeted by the post 9-11 phenomena. Now retuning to the topic at hand, VP has been on the wanted list for the last two decades and he will continue to be on the list until the confirmation of his death. Therefore, this new arrest warrant accomplishes nothing. The only effect is a momentary distraction from the current peace process. Hopefully the two parties will not give much attention to this political comedy, and focus on their immediate tasks; peace and stability to the island.

While one should look to CBK and her PA gang for answers to the recent development, one should also not overlook the possibility that RW and his UNF posies might be behind this latest High Court ruling. Fully knowing that such ruling will have little or no effect on the peace talks, RW might have orchestrated this to divert the attention from himself, who is being accused by the extreme nationalist parties and their supports for “selling out the nation” because of his soft approach towards the LTTE in finding a political solution. This ruling would put the opponents of UNF-LTTE deal at ease, thinking that RW is committed to perusing a legal course to bring the LTTE leader, as an individual, to justice while perusing negotiations with the LTTE,the organization, to bring peace. It may be a psychological maneuver to separate VP from the LTTE.

If what is said above is true, then the UNF strategy has worked. We don’t have to look further; look at the change of tone in “Professor” McLean’s arguments in his latest jumble “GO! MAN, GO!”-dated 01/11/02. Up until now he has been professing that RW/UNF and the LTTE have a secret master plan to split the country and Eelam will be granted one way or the other. The following are some excerpts from his most recent articles:

“….Having observed the public opinion in the various media outside Sri Lanka, it is obvious even to a fool, deaf and dumb, that the secret deals behind the walls at Temple Trees and behind the Trees in Wanniya jungles, are a clear sell out of the Sinhala majority, by RanilW and his pavement hawkers…….” SALE OF THE CENTURY-dated 09/10/02

“…..If the great “wise” team of government advisors of RanilW have any degree of self respect, they should have tendered their resignations, forthwith. In fact, RanilW should walk upto the President, humbly apologise and then tender the resignation of his government….” THE NEXT MOVE - Humpty Dumpty-dated 24/10/02.

“…..The TTT whilst giving lip service to the “Peace Process” (what peace process?”) were building up their arsenal openly, under the very noses of the RanilW government Security Forces. This is RanilW’s secret weapon. The weapon of Blackmail of his own people. With all the goodwill of King VP’s men on RanilW’s side, if the Prime Minister wished to disarm the LTTE/TTT, he had the power. He chose not to do it, simply to use the TTT arsenal as his own personal weapon…..” THE NEXT MOVE - Humpty Dumpty-dated 24/10/02.

But now, the “Professor” is singing a different song. According to his recent words in “GO! MAN, GO!”-dated 01/11/02 (see below foe excerpts), he now believes that all those deceptive works by the RW/UNF click are just pretext to “get the tiger to bite its own tail”.

“….We have a sneaking suspicion that RanilW and his own team of “Wise Men” knew of the outcome of this six year old case many moons ago. RanilW, hazarding a wild guess, took the chance of conning the silly Tiger Team out into the open and got them to say many things which the Tigers never dreamt of saying, even in their “wildest dreams” before September 11th 2001.

Many thought that RanilW had got hold of the tail of the Tiger, round a tree or a lamp post and could not let it go. But that is how he started, but half way round, we think that he whispered into the Tiger ear and, persuaded the Tiger to bite onto its own tail, until RanilW relieved himself for a moment or two and then disappeared in a flight to meet up with George W. Bush…..”

What a change! Perhaps our good old “professor” has his loin cloth little too tight again, preventing blood flow to his upper extremities. Our “professor’s” comments are like those jokingly given by pediatricians when asked by the expectant mother about the sex of the baby: “the baby has an equal chance of being a boy or a girl”. Clever, but not so funny, especially after hearing the same stories from different people so many times. Similarly,with his arguments, our “Professor” can never go wrong; he could always claim that he predicted right. I have a question for uncle Mac: If SLDF has capability and will to carry out a “Putin Style Sweep”, what’s stopping them? Are they waiting for axe to fall and chop the country? Foolish thoughts give rise to foolish statements.

Thank you and peace to all!


Prof. Hudson McLean
(LankaWeb - 01/11/02)

THE NEXT MOVE - Humpty Dumpty?
Prof. Hudson McLean
(LankaWeb - 24/10/02)





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