Contradictory Opinions and Attitudes

Dharmasena Rajapakse, Abu Dhabi.

Tamil tigers attempt to get rid of the security forces camps, out of their sight, while our Army Commander wants the LTTE cadres to be absorbed into the Sri Lankan forces. How wonderful! We are very famous for our generosity, as we were, the only Nation in this modern world that fed the enemy while engaged in fierce fighting against them. Now our benevolent Ministers try their utmost to uplift and rejuvenate tigers, with every luxury and comfort known only to elite, as though they have forgotten the past or were reborn. This was not the first time such clemency was shown to them by our successive governments; and we too are famous for not learning a lesson from the past experience, or appropriate to say that the Singhalese are a trigger-happy people. Every time the tigers get a recess they regroup, reorganize, recruit more children and rearm or resuscitate the deplete-spirited members, for another stance of terror and mayhem. General opinion and the advice of the far-sighted wise men, is ignored and unheeded as garbage, by the Govt. This is to please some Peace organizations (of Bishops and Christian sympathisers), some Priests of other faiths, (like the one who went to Wanni once, had Thosa and Wade for alms and declared that Pirabakiran is a humane gentleman etc.), TNA MPs, (who openly canvass for Eelam, in and out of the country, who mingle with the govt. hierarchy) and the new-found stars or heroes, shining in the media sky, namely non other than Pirabakiran himself and Tamilchelvam, Balasingam along with their peace negotiating foreign cronies.

The TNA says the LTTE is the sole representatives of Tamils, and everybody must support their cause, including the Singhalese. The tigers so far have not revoke on their claim for a separate state or Eelam; so it means the TNA wants every Tamil and Singhalese to be a tiger. They agitate the public to remove army camps from the present positions saying they are close to the schools and hospitals. But the villagers themselves complain, that the tigers approach schools for recruiting children for their battered bandwagon. The poor people flee their homes to avoid conscription. The fishermen plead the Navy to increase sea surveillance to escape danger from sea-tigers and some in Eastern area including Muslims complain that they are indiscriminately extorted by the tigers. When every problem is simmering in its own pot of oil, one of the always-fortunate Ministers Mr Rauff Hakeem is trying to fish in troubled waters. He needs representation in peace negotiation table, for his own gains and achievements, as usual.

In a related news item one LTTE leader from Mannar, Poovannan says the Muslims are free to return to homes, that they fled due to ethnic cleansing, by the tigers in 1990. This is good news for Muslims. They are invited to resume their agriculture and any other business or profession they were engaged in earlier. The environment would be better for anyone as many organizations are very much vociferous in obtaining more and more commodities and facilities for the North and East. But the Singhalese are not welcomed; surprisingly nobody is worried about it, whether they are LTTE or our own people or the govt. There were Singhalese businessmen, professionals, govt and private sector employees, ordinary people and Buddhist priests interlaced into the North, East community, and their organizational property, are all gone, forgotten and written off forever. Not only the Sri Lankan govt, but also Netherlands, France, U.K. and other European countries and Canada, Australia are very much interested and earnestly engaged in resettling and rehabilitating the displaced Tamils and Muslims, in Northern and Eastern areas, completely ignoring the thousands of Singhalese who were among them. Why always this double standard by all and sundry to the Singhalese of this once flourished Island? While the so called "discriminated Tamils" can travel, live and thrive in all the regions, whether in towns or villages, the majority and so called "chauvinist" Singhalese are not allowed even to enter into the North and East areas, thanks, and congratulation to the LTTE who divided and devastated the country.

BBC was jubilant, elated and was trumpeting for the tigers, whenever they attack or destroy property or life by suicide bombers or other devices. They telecast over and over again for days, highlighting the scenes of gory carnage, destruction inflicted, while praising the audacity, heroism and martyrdom of the tigers, (known to them as freedom fighters), with the details as how small they started and propagated to a full blown mass of terror squad, (but a conventional army for BBC). They were once unhappy when the reporters were not allowed in the warring areas and now again in their happier moods as they could rouse the communal hatred by penetrating to the innermost souls of the innocent villagers, as saints and angels. They are lamenting and wailing and are worried that "the Sri Lanka's orphans bear scars of war. These children have never seen a Laptop computer, a mobile phone; they don't have proper school facilities, good food, are under-nourished, no electricity or running water etc". So much heart-breaking news they gather and relay all over the world, but never give a thought about who really caused this misery. The govt. forces just didn't come and bombard the area indiscriminately; they were protecting and guarding the people, because it was a part of the country and part of the nation, as any other area in Sri Lanka, which was governed by a democratically elected regime. These towns were also provided with electricity, water supply, post and telecommunication facilities, roads and transport systems, trade and commerce, free education and health facilities and most of all freedom of living without fear and agony. Who changed this life style? Who blasted the electrical transformers, pylons, Telecom and Radio/TV towers, bridges, buses and trains, mined the roads and railway lines and paddy fields? Who killed the Political leaders (the forerunners of the present TNA or TULF massacred by LTTE, may be they have forgotten and forgiven), parliamentarians, mayors and govt servants from GA s to village heads, social workers? Simple answer to all of these is, the treacherous and horrendous LTTE criminals, who now call themselves the saviours of the Tamils.

One more thing that the BBC doesn't know is, that the present generation of below 20 years of age haven't seen or heard of any Singhalese, other than the soldiers in the war zone. They were brainwashed by the terrorist propagandists, by saying "that the Singhalese in the South are our enemies; they are all out to kill us, destroy our land, rob our property and rape our women, so we have to kill them before they kill us". Another fact that BBC over looks is that there are many thousands of children living in other areas belonging to all three communities, displaced or otherwise, suffering from more severe difficulties with no one to turn to, for any assistance. No voice cries for their sake nationally or internationally.

Another item of news is the Attorney General, K.C.Kamalasabeyson, released thirty - (30) suspects of Bandaranayake International Air Port attack, who were in CID custody, saying that there is no evidence against them. Serve yourselves when the ladle is with you. How relevant and alluring to the present criteria of peace process? In contrast we have flayed and sacked an air force woman officer, for not taking necessary action, and neglect of responsibility when tigers attacked the airport. This suffices and justifies the whole criminal act. The gems and pearls sink while the scum floats.

The Singhalese people, is a dying race. We have successfully adopted the family planning for decades. The many young soldiers, dying in the battle field are Singhalese, so were the tens of thousands who were killed during the two JVP uprisings, most of the victims of accidents, fracases or brawls, epidemics and suicides are also unfortunately these doomed people. So we, as a nation have choked the arrival of new life effectively, while speeded up the exit of the living, and limited the existence to mere twenty plus years. Buddhist Monks such as most Ven. Madihe Pannaseeha, and Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thera etc. have preached, expressed and explained, in detail the imminent perils, the Nation is facing, and what measures to be adopted to avoid the extinction of the Singhalese. But the urgency of the situation is not taken seriously by the concerned authorities or the people themselves. The LTTE's inhuman atrocities and die-hard will for creating Eelam and protracted war, accelerates and aggravates the elimination process of The Singhalese race. It is unfortunate to say that the end is not so far, unless we remedy the situation, giving priority over other matters. We must pledge to protect the Integrity of our Nation and Land with utmost devotion and dedication, and prosper and flourish them for the posterity.


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