Tigers, Tiger culture & Tiger sympathizers

Sarath Bulathsinghala

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (or for short just "Tigers") and those who sympathize with their cause have been living in a double world since September 11th 2001. The mask of Freedom Fighter that the LTTE used to wear is now shattered and their true nature as unadulterated terrorists is blatantly exposed. Although the crimes against humanity perpetrated by them have been common knowledge, they have taken a new meaning to those in the western world in the aftermath of the Al Quaeda, September 11th terror attack on America.

The LTTE now stands branded as a terrorist organization by USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Tigers are now running short of safe havens and their latest attempt appears to target countries who still sympathize with their cause. To this end their sympathizers are now preparing the necessary ground work. While the line between sympathizers, activist and supporters is rather hazy and vague, prominent Tamil personalities in these countries have been in the fore front, white washing the dark deeds of the Tigers.

As has been found elsewhere in the world, the activities of the Tamil Associations may not be entirely above board and praiseworthy. It would be worthwhile for the authorities in these countries to probe into their affaires, if they are not to end up in the same situation as those in USA, Canada and elsewhere.

It is usual for the Tamil Associations in these countries to claim that they are promoting Tamil culture. However there is much evidence to prove that their activities are very much on the lines of promoting Tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka and in general elsewhere in the world. Some of the activities that are shown on stage at these cultural functions are not entirely different from those that have been recently discovered in the Al Quaeda terrorist camp video tapes. It is a common sight to see children of impressionable ages coming on stage carrying replicas of AK-47 assault rifles and mimic their erstwhile terrorist heroes carrying out acts of terror. Video films of killing in the battle field and other gory bravado are exhibited to promote fund raising for the LTTE terrorist war machine and for the perpetration of despicable acts of terror and other atrocities in Sri Lanka. All these are done under the pretense of promoting Tamil culture to the applause of their elders and other prominent Tamil personalities in these countries. It appears that LTTE and their sympathizers have already brought their "terror culture" to the countries that gave refuge and wish to perpetuate it in the minds of their offspring.

On a recent raid Singapore authorities rounded up several Singaporeans on charges of belonging to the outlawed Al Quaeda organization. Their neighbors claimed that, "they certainly didn't look evil" and that they felt sorry for them when apprehended by the authorities. It is reported that they had plans for blowing up Western embassies and later the New Zealand High Commission in Singapore has been put on high alert. One just wonders how many such LTTE cadres are now living in nave unsuspecting countries posing off as "innocent next door neighbors", awaiting activation by their masters to carry out acts of terror on unknown innocents similar to those of September 11th. It is important to note that the Tiger attacks on civilian targets such as World Center Twin Towers in Colombo and the Colombo International Airport preceded the September 11th attacks by Al Queda. As Sri Lankans we are sad that the world had to wait for the September 11th and 3000 dead, to take note of the real face of Terrorism!

Living in far away lands, our actions and wishes are to promote peace and harmony in the world. For this we draw inspiration from our own culture as well as from the conducive environment prevailing in the countries where we have come to live. We expect to raise our children to believe in the values based on Compassion, Non Violence - Ahimsa , Love and Peace and not in the values of a gun toting world full of hatred and terror. To Sri Lanka the land we left behind, we wish peace and harmony in the years ahead. To this end we believe and stand by a united and unitary Sri Lanka rather than a divided and embattled Sri Lanka. We also believe for true peace to prevail the war must end truly and the terrorist must lay down their arms or be vanquished, as has now happened in Afghanistan.

As peace and justice loving Sri Lankans we appeal to all well wishers the world over to help expose the criminal activities of the LTTE and their sympathizers wherever they are found. We have confidence that the governments in countries where the LTTE is yet to be proscribed will have the courage and wisdom to identify the potential danger to their societies and what calamities they would face if meaningful steps are not taken to ban the activities of LTTE and their sympathizers. This we expect following the wise and praiseworthy precedent already set by USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

We also appeal to all peace loving people the world over to stand up and be counted among those who oppose the LTTE and other allied Terrorist Organizations throughout the world. The LTTE propaganda machine is vast and it has penetrated the minds of its benefactors with subtle perfidy. We appeal to you not to stand judgmental on happenings in far away places without requisite fact finding, scrutiny and due consideration. At this moment it is mostly misplaced sympathy in one part of the world that is fueling hatred and terror in another part of the world. When civilized society is threatened from within by terror, it must act resolutely to eradicate it.

  The cancer of terrorism in what ever form it emerges, be it freedom fighter or religious fundamentalist must be eliminated with surgical compassion for in the fight against Terrorism there is no middle ground. Otherwise we would still be ignorant of the lessons of September 11th and be condemned to relive such tragedies in the not too distant future. We salute the United States of America for the leadership she has shown, while loathing the foot dragging activities of some of her allies.

Tiger terrorists, and "Tiger culture" should be eliminated from civilized society. Tiger sympathizers should be counseled and rehabilitated if possible.


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