The Tally Of UNF Pundits Towards LTTE De-Banning Has Just Been Augmented By Another Self-Proclaimed Champion Of The LTTE.

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United National Party spokesman and Minister of Education Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku displaying what would best be described as a proclamation which stretches from the sublime to the ridiculous has boldly stated that quote" President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s decision not to allow the lifting of the ban of the Tamil Tigers couldn’t be allowed to become a reality for the benefit of the country" end quote. Has he taken on the onus of preventitive measures against the Chief Executive Officer Of the Nation singlehandedly or is this some more of the UNF Bufffoonery which seems to be rampant as of late with no consideration to the will of the Sinhala Nation and its majority population or the very realistic requirement of a two third majority which is out of reach of the UNF to be able to even in somemeasure confront the President?.

His comments suggest placing a lopsided importance towarts the demands of a nefariously criminal band of terrorists and in deference to the insistence of the High Buddhist Clergy who has displayed great hindsight in reminding the Wickremasinghe Administrationof its Election Pledges "Never to De- Ban The LTTE" and the personal assurances given by the Defence and Foreign Ministers during subsequent visits to the High Clergy. By prioritising the needs of the LTTE over that of the Nation's Security and what is fast becoming the will of the people Dr. Kodituwakku could very well be putting his head on the chopping block with his dangerous talk and ironically although he appears to be armed verbally to stop the President in her tracks he seems rather nonplussed about how exactly he intends to accomplish his and manifesting its reality as he has neither legal not Parliamentary recourse towards accomplishing what amounts to foolish banter rather than acheivable ends.

Having said during an interview with the Sandeshaya, the BBC’s Sinhala Language program that the entire Nation's demand was peace and if the President of the country threw a spanner in the works the people would have to take a "definitive step about her" what ever that speculated step would be not realising that it wasn't as simple as he has made out the President's Opposition to the Peace process to be. The President's concerns very visibly relate to the far reaching ramifications in the area of National Security as well as Territorial Sovereign Integrity which the rather puerile thinking capacity of Kodituwakku seems to be unable to comprehend.

Repeatedly asked what practical step the UNF government was going to take about her opposition to the lifting of the ban the UNF Minister said legal solutions had to be considered separately but did not explain what legal remedy the government had to tackle the President’s refusal to deal with the knotty problem as indeed the problem facing him and his UNF comrades were rather complicated and tumultuous whose complexities go beyond all norms of rationality if the threat to the Nation was to be the prime consideration.

So the story continues as the tally of UNF Pundits towards de-banning of the LTTE has been augmented by another self proclaimed champion of the LTTE.






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