Global Sinhala Village Responds To TheConcerned Expatriate's Biased Interpretations .

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Apparently 'The Concerned Expatriate' has taken grossly out of context the inferences of the recent submissions of Global Sinhala Village and Professor Hudson Maclean regarding the 200 year Jail Term Sentencing of Velupillai Prabhakaran and has added a zesty twist of conjecture and a few misquotes to suit his own feeble judgement and interpretations in a very transparent manner.

Albeit the coinage of the term "hyper-extension of idiosyncratic humor possible only in Sri Lanka " being referenced to 'post mortem' the court ruling it never detracted from the reality of the need to apprehend the criminally irresponsible Prabhakaran and the rest of his band of brigands and the mere practicality and timing was highlighted to illucidate the fact that the sentencing should have been made decades ago and that it should have been more stringent epecially when there is the option of Capital Punishment which seem to have beem waived in favour of a 200 year jail term.

Its seems rather ignorant on the part of 'our man abroad' Mr. Concerned Expatriate to utter statements labelling the Court Ruling as an inconsequential and weak political move by the PA and a provocation of the LTTE laying bare his transparencies towards where his sympathies lie.He seems to have forgotten who the ruling party is and under whose jurisdiction the High Courts of Sri Lanka function! Simply the Laws of The Land Constitutionally Laid Down By Its Founding Fathers which was further ammended by the Uncle in the Uncle Nephew Party!

Somehow the impaired reasoning of our expatriate seems to have prompted him to criticise the High Judiciary which rejected the Constitutional Amendments to restrict Presidential Power based upon Constitutional Accords themselves in the name of Democracy very correctly and has puerilely taken it upon himself to ridicule the latest High Court ruling and naming it a plot to derail the Peace Process questioning the timing. Indeed the timing should well have been may moons ago and the list of persons incarcerated should have included a few more protagonists of terror such as the Balasingham couple and a few more ringleaders at the top of the LTTE hierarchy.

It is imperative to break down the confidence of our 'Expatriate' once more in reminding him that the critical nature of the Global Village Article never undermined the capability of the Sri Lankan Authorities to implement the sentence imposed as implied by him.Contrarily it has been the apathetical attitude towards his arrest and imprisonement by past regimes due to lack of legislation for the specific purpose which had delayed the issue and was highlighted by Periscope together with a compendium of facts such as intimidations by our nearest Superpower Nation in the past!.The eventuality of his arrest and being brought to justice has never been in doubt and something worth considering towards the peace and stability of the land that Mr. Expatriate has refered to! Even more of a possibility with the nearest Superpower Neighbour now demanding it together with Interpol.

Inadvertently through his stumbling mumblings he has even admitted to the definition that the LTTE are a group of minority insurgents attempting to take over a Sovereign Nation and that the Post September 11th Coalition Against terrorism has served to be a deterrent towards the cause while eulogizing the merits of the LTTE and falsely proclaiming the improvement of their status as far as World Opinion is concerned. May he be reminded that all the Nations which proscribed the LTTE without much deliberation extended the contract to continue proscription rather than invalidate it with the exception of the nearsighted Wickremasinghe Administration pursuing Peace at the expense of the Nation's Security in collaboration with the terrorists.

There seems to be a bit of comical satire to the nature of our 'Concerned Expatriate' where he not only attempts to ridicule the President suggesting that "One should look at CBK and her PA Gang for answers to the recent development" but also corrals " RW and his UNF posies" who he alleges "may be behind this High Court Ruling" and offsetting his infered reasoning dumb as it sounds he seems to be merely voicing concerns about VP being separated from the LTTE rather than the justification of the well being of the Nation as a whole.One is inclined to draw obvious conclusions about which side this individual is championing as his logic seems to make little sense other that to point out continuously that he is carrying a banner for eelam!

It is also hoped the the learned Professor Hudson Maclean for the sake of posterity would respond animatedly to the brickbats thrown at him by Mr. Expatriate who should continue to remain an expatriate.






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