Prof. Hudson McLean

When Russia and China (on request by USA) demand in unison that North Korea, their comrade in arms, abandons its nuclear programme, one can confidently say that the world is beginning to take terror seriously.

After the Bali massacre, Australians have taken terrorism to task.

Now Kenya is once again taking the brunt of terrorism

Then there are others who are taking terror as a special subject, as shown-;


Saudis detail tracking of donations, terrorists

Special Report: War On Terror

Then we have the other side of the coin. The Norwegians who have embraced terror and support internationally proscribed and convicted murderers, without any embarrassment or shame, do have good reasons.

There are several reasons for this behaviour.

1: Of course, right on top of the list is pure financial benefits and greed.
Several persons, with Erik Solheim on top of the list, will make a pile by pure commercial benefits. Many of the leading Norwegian industrialists who are supporting the LTTE/TTT are remaining behind the scenes until the paths are well cleared.

2: According to a Norwegian politician, whom I met recently in London, it is the general policy of Norway to take the side and support the under dog, in this case, the Sri Lankan Tamils.

But then the same politician qualified his statement by adding that, in his opinion, the Tamils in Sri Lanka and in Oslo, are generally taking care of themselves pretty well, as one observes whilst driving around in Colombo or in and around several suburbs in Norway.

So, we are back to point #1.

Now to the question of Norwegian impartiality on the Peace Process. There is no point wasting time or beating round the bush on this matter. The plain simple truth is that, the Norwegians knew from the beginning if they were impartial, the same fate which the Israeli-PLO Peace Talks met would have been the end result in Sri Lanka.

Therefore, the Norwegians, by selling the Sinhala out to gain their place in history, with an added bonus of massive commercial benefits of oil concessions, fisheries rights, took precedence.

Fate brought them face to face with RanilW and his Milinda Moragoda and the Prof. G.L.Pieris who changes colours faster than a chameleon.

Once again human greed took precedence and RanilW chose to sell the Sinhala to gain a piece of Sri Lanka.

In politics, one week is a long time. The next week, the fate might simply turn its back on RanilW and bring down the current government.

If and when that happens, either the LTTE/TTT will have to grin and bear, or show their true stripes and face the combined might of the civilised world.


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