India Asserts That The Fight Against Terrorism Cannot Be Ambiguous With Double Standards.

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India's non involvement in the Sri Lankan Peace Process is a stoic representation of this great Nation's empathy towards the Democratic Process and something the Sinhala Nation should be thankful for as it has asserted the singlemost fact that the Indian Authorities regard the LTTE with disdain and are not willing to revert to any stand which compromises their support of Sri Lanka's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity and Presidential Authority.

This is a remarkable change of attitude from the Gandhi Era when the dictates of Tamil Nadu and the overwhelming paradigms of Hindu Nationalism seemed to be an almost obligatory cause for Indian sympathy towards what it interpreted as a liberation of the Sri Lankan Tamils but soon began to see the realities of what transpired to be a horror scenario through the destructive viciousness of the LTTE\s hatred towards the majority Sinhalese where their campaigns of butchery spared no man woman or child alike regardless of their status and the about turn of India is almost an antonement for misjudgements of the past and greatly welcomed by the Sinhala Nation and a renewed sense of security which could compensate for the bunglings of the UNF Regime.

Hence the present delegation of Sri Lankans led by the Hon. Anura Bandaranaike presently in consultation with Indian Government Authorities to discuss the growing implications of the false posturings of the LTTE / UNF Peace Agreement where India's role as a keeper of the peace and a maintainer of the region's security and integrity becomes vitally important and visibly imposing towards any bartering between the LTTE and the UNF whose ambits towards the division of a land sacred to its majority inhabitants for thoudands of years and a frightening reality to be, should the present Peace Process manifest itself and through its manifestation plunge the Nation into utter divided despair.

The Peace Process though an all important necessity by way of its pivotal significance towards a normal order of life to all of South East Asia which has been in turmoil for decades and of particular significance as a deserved eventuality for all of Sri Lanka is not being viewed by the analysts as favourable towards any unitarity Sri Lanka might expect down the road as the designs by both the UNF and the LTTE clearly indicate a need to arrive at an autonomy for the North and North East through division or a parallel form of administration which amounts to the same and has to be revoked, rescinded, rejected and re-designed to accomodate peace nevertheless but without compromising direct rule from Colombo which is the right, constitutionally laid down as well as mandated through universal suffrage and a normal tenet of a Democratic Nation.

India as an aftermath to the Gandhi assassinations, the mass murders of their IPKF and rank disrespect shown by the LTTE through its propaganda machines , towards many matters relating to the Indian Administration in recent times has responded by tightening its resolve to pursue justice as a key demand towards bringing the LTTE Leadership and others to face their dues for crimes against humanity and will not be hoodwinked this time around by any rhetoric emanating from both the present Sri Lankan Regime or the LTTE terrorists that theirs is a just cause. The argument being that there can be no deals with terrorists.

There are flowery endearments by the likes of Anton Balasingham and his infamous ilk in attempts to woo the Indian Administration to forgive and forget their past crimes and an unlikely eventuality as the LTTE have betrayed India's trust in them if it ever existed and the longer the Wickremasinghe Administration continues to palaver with the LTTE it runs the risk of losing its own credibility which has been ambiguous and had carried a double standard relative to the accords set in place on international terrorism after the September 11th attacks in the USA and the continued waves of terrorism around the world.Especially in the face of statements by an insider, the controversial UNF Minister Rauf Hakeem who has had the nerve to suggest that due to an internal crisis within his SLMC, Sri Lanka Could be once again be pushed to the brink of war! The clarification of his statement at present rather unclear but the implications ominous.

Excerpts from a recent article by Nissanka has clarified a reality which the Sri Lankan Government has continues to sweep under the carpet and is quoted as saying that "The Indian establishment of today, headed by Vajpayee and his lieutenants, appears to have pegged the LTTE / TTT to their proper place in history…. a historical sad mistake of India’s foreign policy that should never be repeated…i.e. Vermin that must never be trusted! Low-life that one once misguidedly placed all bets on, only to be devastatingly disappointed! Bravo Indians, I do admire your resolute, intelligence, and the sense of basic justice! Despite repeated pressure attempts by the backboneless lackeys from Sri Lanka – such as Milinda Moragoda from Ranil Wickremashinghe’s government - you have stood your ground in refusing to accede to any recognition of legitimacy to the LTTE / TTT killers. They are wanted killers and that is how you continue to regard them. You certainly can teach some principles to our Sri Lanka’s so called leaders! We, the patriotic and resilient proud Indo-Arayan Sinhalese (who have been repeatedly butchered and ethnic-cleansed from their sacred lands by the LTTE / TTT ) want you to know that we are indeed proud of your stance in refusing to accede to any recognition to the LTTE / TTT killers. You have shown the world what it means to not cave into terrorism and have resolutely pointed out to the U.S. and the U.K (and other hypocrites) that the fight against terrorism cannot have double standards."

A very bravely expressed opinion in true dedication to his convictions and surely a pointer to the truth which needs to be proudly acknowledged!



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