Bogus Killer Plot and Irresponsible Media Reports.


Our valiant soldiers have made innumerable and precious sacrifices to protect the sovereignty of this nation and restrict and contain the terrorist separatists. Last year alone 566 patriotic soldiers sacrificed their cherished lives for the sake of the nation killing 1640 terrorist enemies during this period. Since the advent of the new UNP government due to the extensive influence the terrorist proxies enjoy in the government ranks including in the 53 member Ministerial group the forces have been looked at as irritants and unholy elements. Instead of wisely utilising the terrorist-envy global environment for the country's advantage, as it is being now cleverly used by India, our zealous soldiers have been gradually exposed to ridicule and for possible threat to their life in the future. Hands of our soldiers have been tied while the terrorists are being allowed to smuggle and stockpile arms unchecked even in the broad daylight.

Recent international reports on the seizure of a large cache of weapons from Athurugiriya for a possible attempt on the life of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is a well planned attempt to expose and ridicule military operations units. The terrorist friendly Media Mafia has given wide publicity to this report quoting a statement made by Interior Minister Mr. John Ameratunge about this incident. All LTTE websites, many international wire services, South Indian TV channels and several foreign journals have publicised this irresponsible news report inferring that army is against the so-called peace talks and hence is attempting to kill the government leaders and topple the government.

Army sources have claimed that the group of operatives (Two Muslims, One Sinhalese and Three Tamils) apprehended by the Police was not involved in any anti-government plot but returned to Colombo on December 27 along with their equipment and had been clandestinely operating in the LTTE held area. They were compelled to return to the government held area due to government's declaration of cessation of hostilities. Unfortunately the raid had bared the existence of this Deep Penetration and Destruction Unit and that they would not be able to operate in the uncleared area again. As per various reports this Unit had been responsible for killing several Senior LTTE cadres and only LTTE has gained a leverage by exposing and curbing the activities of this Unit. It is a pity that the government is only keen to soothe the terrorists at the expense of the patriotic soldiers, and blindly pursuing a destructive path even surpassing the folly of Premadasa regime.


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