August 04, 2002

Dear Editor,

There is no argument you have done a NICE job with site . It is quite popular in Sri Lanka instead of doing something constructive, people used to finger point others mistakes. In a such era your effort must appreciate by any person who either agree with the contents published or not.

There are lots & lots of sorrow, we feel when read and hear day to day news about our mother land Sri Lanka. It not surprised, one who will be totally disappointed & stop any efforts to do something good for the Notation because it is so much confused to find the REASONS where it has gone wrong.

Although we suffer with all kind of disappointments & ill treatments, I think we must realized one thing. Sure there are conflicts in our country. But same way we enjoy freedom of normal human life, in areas where there are no conflicts. This gift has been granted to all of us, from our predecessors who dedicated there efforts to comfort for future generation. So don't we have the same responsibility toward our next generation? I know all of you will say YES.

Instead each of just throwing stones one by one it has become time to unite & consolidate all our good efforts together and do something EFFECTIVE towards of finding solutions for this crises not as Sinhalese only but also as all peace loving nationalities in the country.

It is good to learn from HISTORY. But world change, things change, .. and also people also change. Our educated citizens must try their best to convince common mass, what we really need & what we don't need. So when it comes for necessity of achieving our goals within the mean of requirements, we don't have to blame for the any source who made mistake towards the issue. Instead such bad sources might be use to over come the problem if we work it out in wise manner.

So I like to propose to organize a discussion and create a group (Circle of friends) to achieve something together start over from minor things, proposing what we can really do with less efforts, of course initially. Sometimes number of little achievements will leads more stronger achievements in future. And if we could achieve few at least, we can realize something do together which effects for our countries future peace & development. If I explain myself, I'm also not sure in what extent I can get support from others if I start over something useful. So lets lead this moment to earn the faith & strengthen our emotion and convinced ourselves, that WE ARE NOT ALONE.

I'm serving for long duration in abroad & used to take my every year vacation to SL & felt some minor adjustments in our systems will leads lots of convenience to trace crimes or obviously it will lead less crimes. It has become time to organize in our own to trace & punish people who violate peace of common mass while they are living among us. I think those groups are much more dangerous than real enemies. And also I'm quite sure when proper rules being introduced people will be more careful to do wrong deeds. Its rather better do preventive steps without waiting until something happen.

Now days its quite popular with using vehicles for doing crimes. I would like to propose to workout to implement following aspects in Sri Lanka for convenience of lawful citizens.

1.) For private vehicle owners should not allow to drive the vehicle other than owner mentioned in license. If need he or she must obtain a Certificate attested by Chamber of commerce and should carry with. This attestation should valid only for not more than one year. This will be a good solutions for many things. And for company can also do the same, with company letter head. It will benefits;
* Extra earning for Govt.
* Reduce people who use vehicles w/o transferring & cheating next buyer
* Owner have more responsibility of allowing others to drive his vehicle. (And of course your friends who want to use your vehicle for a crime w/o your knowledge can be avoided.)

2.) Identified severe traffic offenders (Such as color light violators) must put into jail straight. And to take out of jail must fix a fixed charge. And later after court case person must pay the fine as judgment.

* Extra earning for the Govt. & it leads to cover the extra cost from violators, but not from innocent drivers who don't violate traffic rules.
* Most of traffic violators nicely escape with the penalty paper issued by traffic police.

3.) Issue Standard License plate with govt water mark and with proper color code to identify type of the vehicle. And any other license plates should prohibited.
* Extra earn for Govt for issuing license plate & can upgraded record needed.
* Less advantage for criminals to use bogus license plate.
* If a office found a vehicle who left in un lawful manner can confiscate license plate till the owner produce him self to collect it.

4.) For major repair such as after accident & change of color in vehicle must obtain a special police permit & it should paste on windscreen while vehicle is in garage for repair. If not must punish garage owners & must suspend his service for reasonale period.

5.) When transferring a vehicle much check with records for particular vehicle & clear all fines pending.

Sure this issues will not look serve our objectives. But least I would like to see CAN WE DO THIS @ LEAST.




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