Prof. Hudson McLean

“His Excellency” Dr. Anton Balasingham speaks with “forked tongue”.

Like a double handed accountant, he says, “On One Hand, LTTE wishes to enter the mainstream politics, having abandoned their claim for an Interim Administration, but On the Other Hand, the Doctor Warns the Judiciary with threats”.

We know the Doctor has health problems. Heart related problems, Diabetes, Kidney malfunctions and perhaps due to all these problems, it is possible that some of the Cholesterol lined arteries leading to the brain are affected. Hence such irrational and illogical thinking which lead to utterances of conflict. A touch of senility too.

Let us make one point very clear. Before any one takes Doctor Death seriously, he and his team must make one gesture of goodwill as a symbol of good faith. They must facilitate the handing over of Velupillai Prabhakaran to the Sri Lankan authorities, as the High Court has demanded. Do we all agree on that simple gesture?

It is very likely that Prabhakaran may exercise his legal right of appeal all the way. The Sri Lanka judiciary will certainly allow that right. He may also appeal to the President for a special Presidential pardon. In that event, if Norway decides to intervene and offer political asylum and grant Prabhakaran a status of an Exile, perhaps the President may exercise Her prerogative.

It is very likely that Dr Balasingham may raise such questions with RanilW during the proposed meeting in the nearest future at Temple Trees. We also hope that the LTTE/TTT do have some degree of pride to pay their own way and meet all the costs themselves, without begging for handouts from the SLG.

The Next Move is on the laps of the LTTE/TTT.

They have come to realise that, after September 11th 2001, Al Qaeda has paid the full price with nearly 3000 innocent lives to force LTTE/TTT to their knees. The LTTE/TTT have now realised that terrorism is out of fashion.

The most recent High Court judgment against their own darling leader, by handing down a 200 year sentence, has sealed his fate. The murderous criminal can continue to play games in the jungle but not for long.

The NE will be open territory soon under the control of the Sri Lankan legislature. The Sri Lankan Police, supported by the SLDF will have to perform their duty to bring the fugitive to justice, sooner than later. The TTT terrorists may start a bonfire with all their fancy costumes. The weapons should be handed over to the SLDF, forthwith. Total disarmament must occur.

There is India awaiting in the wings to haul the killer of their beloved icon, their ex-Prime Minister, late Rajiv Gandhi, to face Indian justice, possibly in a TamilNadu Court, in front of 70 million Tamils. Law MUST be upheld. This is the start of a Final Count down!

Dr. Balasingham must face realities. He himself is a fugitive from justice. There are others in his gang who are also on the WANTED list. They must and will be brought to justice. Of course, they are welcome to appeal for leniency, which will, I presume, receive appropriate consideration from the legitimate authority.

If Balasingham is seriously concerned with the welfare of Sri Lankan Tamils, either citizens or not, if his concern is unselfishly genuine, then the above acts will be seen as insignificant gestures.

Sri Lankan society will accept the Tamil citizens into main frame politics as they have done for over fifty years. Tamil citizens enjoy all the fruits of commercial integration, long before independence. Tamils are some of the wealthiest businessmen in Sri Lanka. The Sinhala citizens have shown no hard feelings against that.

We now demand clarification from RanilW on where he and his government stand on the basics. That goes for Boy Banda too and the Big Sister CBK.

No more parasites on Temple Trees. Tamil or Sinhala or Norwegian. No more free chopper rides at the expense of the poor Sri Lankan electorate.

No more threats or blackmail. Silly threats of 2000 year sentences from terrorists, from a “Court” with no legality, who are pretending to be civilised “negotiators”. Do me a favour. Have another drink!

No more illegal flags, banks, kangaroo courts, armed thugs, tax collectors, police or any other parallel forces or territories.

Respect the Sri Lankan Flag. One country. The SLG. The Judiciary. The SLDF. The Sri Lankan Police.

Let Sri Lanka go to Polls. Let the UN and the EU with observers from Russia, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, N& S Korea send in their representatives to confirm that the elections were fair.

Let the new in coming SLG, with democratically elected representatives of Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and all political parties, elect the government and the opposition, and debate until cows come home.





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