Nearly 100,000 Muslims evicted forcibly by the LTTE terrorists from the five Northern Districts in October 1990 are yet languishing in unhygienic makeshift camps in abject poverty and neglected by the turncoat, selfish so-called Muslim leaders. The megalamaniac Prabhakaran's colossal hatred towards both Sinhalese and Muslims was aptly illustrated in the ethnic cleansing operations carried out in the North and several thousand brutal, inhuman massacres carried out in the East and other parts of the country. Details of these massacres with dates, locations and the numbers killed are readily available in all patriotic websites.

To confine to the subject matter of this article, and restrict space I prefer to give only a brief description of Muslims massacred. Although there were 2 Muslims among the 10 persons shot dead at Kantalai in 1986, as per published reports, targeting of Muslims specifically by the brutes of Prabhakan started in 1988. In that year alone 35 Muslims were killed in Kantalai and Sainthamaruthu, within a period of three months. Then on it was a trigger-happy killing spree for the leader and his brutes. Awesome photographs of the two major Muslim massacres 103 while on prayer in 1990 at Kattankudy and 171 at Palliyagodella in 1992 are yet available for view at the patriotic websites. No Muslim can exonerate murderer Prabhakaran for the thousands of innocent unarmed Muslims killed brutally thus trying to wipe out Muslim villages from the face of this earth.

It is sad to note that the Muslim community is today saddled with spineless, greedy, selfish politicians for whom positions, nepotism, favouritism, are dearer than the community interests. They will not hesitate to betray the community for their political security and personal gains. Eventhough there are some Sinhala politicians in the government ranks who are known stooges of the LTTE, yet they have remained very cautious in expressing anything to praise the murderer Prabhakaran. On the contrary, the political minion of the SLMC Mr. Rauf Hakeem who lacks vision and foresight has called on the Muslim of the Eastern Province to emulate Prabhakaran. What a horrendous request? Speaking in Kalmunai he has requested Muslim youth to study the mindset of this megalamaniac murderer and mould themselves. Was he advocating the Muslim youth to emulate this murderer and ruin this glorious nation? Or was he in his proper senses when he made this request?

The Muslims in the East are reported to be extensively harassed by the sheep-clothed terrorists. Attempts made by Muslim politicians to meet the Prime Minister has not so far been successful due to his reportedly busy schedules. Our new colonialists Norway who controls the toothless body called Monitoring Missions has categorised the apparent ceasefire violations as criminal acts falling under the purview of the Police. However, article 2.1 of the sellout MOU states that parties shall in accordance with international law abstain from hostile acts against the civilian population, including such acts as torture, intimidation, abduction, extortion and harassment.

The sheep-clothed terrorists will not cease with their high-handedness towards unarmed Muslim population alone. Gradually and certainly these atrocities will be extended to Sinhala villages too. Only joint resolve and early action by Sinhalese and Muslims together to resist these sheep-clothed terrorists could reverse this trend and ensure safety and security of entire Sinhala and Muslim villages in the Eastern Province, and ensure the joint majority will to prevail, and dismantle the illusory homeland myth.


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