Prof. Hudson McLean

Kingdom of Norway after settling down in NE Sri Lanka is now planning their next course of action. The take over of Bay of Bengal and Tamil Nadu is their next step.

The colonial culture is alive and well. This time the Norwegians are using “The Monkey’s Paw To Drag the Nuts From The Coal Fire!”

The latest announcement of “Good News” is an absolute tactical necessacity just in case Madam CBK decides to pull the carpet underneath RanilW's feet.

The Muslim factor is buzzing with all kinds of rumours and the LTTE/TTT had to make a sharp tactical announcement.

Parallel to this activity, the Norwegians have delivered a complete radio broadcasting unit which will be a powerful weapon for general propaganda as well as communicating with the entire web of terrorists now spread throughout the Island.

RanilW together with the LTTE/TTT have now go their strategic act together just in case of a sudden eventuality of a General Election. Upon the announcement by the LTTE/TTT of their acceptance of a Federal system, the overall international political climate will be in favour of RanilW.

Then it is very likely that RanilW will exploit the possibilities of the LTTE/TTT making good of their threats made by Balasingham/Prabhakaran that LTTE/TTT reserves the right to revert to armed struggle to achieve their ultimate objective.

>From our point of view, it is only a matter of time when the LTTE/TTT will take a firm terrorist stand to overthrow all the principles which they have publicly accepted, turn their backs and start their murderous path.

Face the facts. During the past nine months, LTTE/TTT have replenished their weaponry and according to well informed sources, they have acquired state-of-the-art merchandise including gases and other products capable of causing severe disabilities, to put it mildly.

Both RanilW and Prof. G.L.Pieris are known to be aware of the tactical position of the LTTE/TTT. That is their Fifth Column. The weapon of blackmail as well as means of justification if they are not returned to power.

Under such conditions, it is better for the Sinhala to commit mass suicide rather than give in to born-again-colonial-masters and a herd of wild hyenas.

Ambition of the LTTE/TTT has not stopped there. Just as Doctor Anton Balasingham implied that the Minister Jeyalalitha will be subject to one of the LTTE/TTT suicide squads, immediately after a General Election in Sri Lanka, The LTTE/TTT will move North to India.

With the transmitters which the Norwegians have donated to LTTE/TTT, the Soviet style propaganda machine will commence with almost immediate effect.

What the LTTE/TTT says and what they actually do, do not make any sense. Balasingham says that the LTTE/TTT is prepared to work within One State-One President-One Prime Minister-One Military. If that is the case, why do they need powerful radio transmitters? Have they received permission from the relevant Ministry to import and deploy such equipment?

RanilW in his absolute greed and desperation for power, has created a monster with a proven criminal record, not only to destroy Sri Lanka but also has created the way to destabilize India under the guidance of Norway.


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