by Prof. Hudson McLean

Prime Minister and former General Ariel Sharon, a man with a past, with blood on his hands, came to power by creating a controversial entry into the Temple Mount adjacent to Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Immediately after Yasser Arafat’s rejection of proposals submitted by the then Prime Minister Ehud Barak at Camp David, when the terror against Israel was at a low ebb, the Sharon’s visit to the Temple sparked off a series of terrorist acts.

On the back of the terror, rode Sharon into the seat of the Prime Minister of Israel. When the Palestinian suicide bombers started their retaliatory campaign of blowing up innocent civilians, men, women and children, Sharon responded ruthlessly with the brutal military might of Israel.

When President George W Bush and his team tried to restrain Sharon and his hawks, at least for the cosmetic benefit of the Arab public, Israel ignored all diplomatic requests. The total destruction of the Palestinian Authority infrastructure raised a few objections from the Western powers, Arab world and the rest, Sharon simply grinned and promised more devastating retaliation.

Worst of all, the recent American public opinion polls showed that an overwhelming American public supported the American government backing the strong arm tactics of the Israeli military. No compassion against Terrorism!

Although the definitions of a “Rebel” and a “Terrorist” according all English dictionaries are quite distinctly clear, the Tamil dominated BBC and most of the Western news media are reluctant to define LTTE as Terrorists, although all major governments have described them as terrorists.

Ranil W has shown that he is an above average skilled Poker player. He should not be in a hurry to force the LTTE mob to come round to the Peace table. He has many hands but keep them guessing on his next move. He is fully aware that the LTTE never intended in the first place to face the Government of Sri Lanka to arrive at a peaceful settlement. Call their bluff!

The Tamil Diaspora, frightened about their own welfare in the countries where they reside, forced to relinquish or withhold their financial support of LTTE, forced Dr Anton Balasingham to take a conciliatory path towards the Sri Lankan government (SLG). By making a unilateral declaration of peace, the LTTE probably expected to be awarded the joint Nobel Peace Prize to the Terrorist-in-Chief, and his mouth piece, through a Norwegian recommendation.

But the main objective is that, the LTTE expected to gain time to restructure their terrorist machinery to restart hostilities, expected to commence during September 2002, by claiming that the SLG has reneged on promises.

As Nordic monitors have confirmed, the LTTE are continuously building up their weapons arsenal and are applying their usual tactics of terror, blackmail and other well known criminal activities, even on their own Tamil brethren to replenish their coffers.

As expressed brilliantly, A brief history of a war that became 'Un-Winnable'. R. Chandrasoma - LankaWeb 06.05.2002, the blame must be accepted, no less than, by the Commander-In-Chief. The buck stops at the top of the pyramid.

We might consider an apt parallel. The 1967-70 Nigerian-Biafran Civil War, when a group of rebels turned against the Nigerian government and declared a sessionist State within Nigeria was established by Igbos who felt they could not develop or even survive within Nigeria. In Sept., 1966, numerous Igbos had been killed in Northern Nigeria, where they had migrated in order to engage in commerce. Having applied economic sanctions, the Nigerian (British trained) Army waged well coordinated and a merciless land, air, sea campaign and destroyed over a million persons within Biafra. That put an end to the civil war.

The world kept silent. Today, hardly anyone, including the Nigerians, remember the short bloody three year old story. Was it a rebellion or rebellion turned to terrorism? No one gives a hoot.

One day, in the not so distant future, September 11th, with 3000 innocent humans murdered, will be remembered once a year, like the D-Day which ended with several million lives. And over the next decade, Sharon laid to rest, his bloody footprints in Shaba and Chatilla will fade into another chapter in history.

Ranil, if he wishes to be remembered as a Man Who Stood Tall, but not as The Son of Esmond, must take decisive actions.

Our humble suggestions on behalf of the majority of Sri Lankans-;
1: Learn to say NO at the right time. Loud and Clear. And stick to it.
2: Let the armed forces do their duty of protecting the integrity of Sri Lanka. Give them a free hand without any foreign advisory interference.
3: Invite the Indians and the Americans to lease the Fuel Tank Farm. Declare the entire country an Investment Zone for foreign investment labour intensive industries, with 5-10-20 year tax holidays.
4: Apply one rule to all and sundry. What is good for Punchi Banda Singho applies to Loku Bala Singham.
5: Sri Lanka has no closed territories or independent fiefdoms. Nor there will be. Get this straightened out with the Vikings.

Ask the Nordic team how they treat their Nordic Gypsies, Eskimos, Laplanders, Sami people who have also demanded their own independent territories due to racism, discrimination and neglect by the majority. Many occasions, Gypsies are not allowed into restaurants, even today.

And finally, Take a Leaf Out of Ariel Sharon’s Book. And Do It Today!


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