Worst I've seen, says UN asylum inspector

Australia never misses an opportunity to lecture to Asian countries including China with its 5000 year civilization, of the need to comply with Human Rights in all areas of governance.

In spite of its own horrible record of the treatment of Australia's indigenous people, the Aborigines, within the last 200 years, Australia has consistently maintained an accusing finger at several nations of Buddhist Asia, which are struggling with Third World economic conditions, of failing to live up to internationally recognised standards of Human Rights.

Australia has been singularly fortunate that its Asian neighbours have not dared to do what Australia always loves to do in respect to other countries: send teams of scouts to investigate Human Rights abuses.

No Asian country has sent a team to investigate and report on Australia's treatment of its Aboriginal people and whether such conduct had breached Human Rights norms.

Now the wheel has turned. Today, Australia stands accused of gross abuse of Human Rights of Asylum seekers, by UN Inspectors.

I have appended below a part of the story carried in Yesterday's issue of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Worst I've seen, says UN asylum inspector

The United Nations has expressed its disgust at Australia's mandatory detention system, describing the Howard Government's policy of locking up asylum seekers for long periods as a gross abuse of human rights.

The stinging condemnation came yesterday from the head of a special UN delegation during private talks with two senior Government ministers.


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