Prof. Hudson McLean

First Tyronne Fernando Minister of Foreign Affairs cooked his own goose, then Anura Bandaranaike shot himself in the foot.

How can leading politicians in Sri Lana act in such a naive and a thoughtless manner? Don't they have advisers in their respective Ministries and offices? Don't they have better things to be concerned about?

A Foreign Secretary aspiring for the "Top of the Pile" job as General Secretary of United Nations and AnuraB waiting on his sisters side as the next Presidential candidate of Sri Lanka.

Both have demonstrated that they do not have the right qualifications for high political office!

As things are today, which ever Party one belongs to, no politician should alienate good ole Uncle Sam. There are many an enemy of USA around the world, but Sri Lankans should never forget that USA has been a good faithful ally and a friend.

After the brief visit of RanilW to meet with George W Bush, Americans reiterated and reconfirmed their support for Sri Lanka. They supported Sri Lanka by maintaining Proscription for another period. This is vital to the very survival of Sri Lanka, both politically and economically. The American endorsement gave credibility to Sri Lanka.

The vast American market can make or break the Sri Lankan industries. The American political influence can either crucify or resuscitate the latent allied markets in Europe and Japan for Sri Lankan produce.

Never forget how Israel helped the Sri Lankan Defence Forces with technology and equipment when Sri Lanka needed most. And Israel will continue to do so. As a super power in the Middle East, Israel will assist Sri Lankan needs in anti-terrorist activity and here the influence of USA can play a decisive role. And Sri Lanka might need Israeli help sooner than Tyronne Fernando thinks.

Remember how Israel made a pariah out of one ex Secretary General and President of Austria Kurt Waldheim and deprived another of a second term?

The role of a Foreign Secretary is to represent his/her country primarily to the outside world and generate goodwill. He should have a silver tongue making positive statements and should concentrate his diction on his country's affairs to improve credibility. Specially when Sri Lanka needs all the friends in the world in her current state of affairs related to the Tamil Tiger terrorism, creating markets for her own industries, inviting foreign investment, only a bloody idiot without much of an intellect would walk all over (Israel) the best friend of the largest economy in the world. And any fool knows that the Jewish community in USA control the media, banking, retail, entertainment and the Congress.

Sri Lanka had one brilliant Foreign Minister, the late Hon. ACS Hameed. Diminutive in physical size but a giant in the art of diplomacy and with an unfathomable depth in intellectual capacity. And Hon. Lakshman Kadirgama was another highly skilled example future Foreign Secretaries one might consider looking at.

On the international scene, the gentle giant, ex General Colin Powell is setting some of the highest standards in international diplomacy.

Yes, support Palestine by all means, politically, without supporting their terrorism or alienating Israel. I for one do not accept what Israel is doing on Palestinian soil. Said that, killing innocent Israelis or Palestinians do not solve the problem at all. And above all supporting suicide bombers in the Middle East would defeat all what the current government is attempting to do in Sri Lanka.

The least RanilW should do now, is to order his Foreign Minister to render an apology and then to summarily dismiss him. Set an example in discipline, good conduct and ethics. Goodbye to the future Mr. Secretary General of United Nations. He has burnt all his credentials as a diplomat in one fell swoop.

As for AnuraB, as the son of the leading political dynasty in Sri Lanka, brother of the Executive President and a contender for the hot seat, it is not in his province to interfere with the politics of USA. It was a comment uncalled for. Whatever discrepancies which occurred in the American Presidential elections, it is common unwritten universally accepted etiquette that politicians within or outside do not comment on internal matters of another country. Not one political leader in the world or not even ex President Clinton or not even the losing candidate Al Gore uttered a word after President Bush was elected. The news agencies such as CNN, BBC, and the rest gave an unbiased dissection of the election for the entire world to digest.

And with "friends like TyronneF and AnuraB in the Sri Lankan political scene, who needs enemies?"

Whilst we are looking at foreign problems, one might ask why should Norway get involved in the current ethnic dispute in Sri Lanka. Utterly failed in international diplomacy in the Middle East, what benefits or experience can Norway bring to the negotiating table , which so far has been, a has been. Within the international monitoring mission of Swedes, Danes and Finns, Norway does not cut any ice. Historically they never did.

In their own country, Norway is acting in a most unacceptable despicable manner towards its ethnic minorities. On many other issues, such as whaling, Norway has behaved in a way unacceptable to environmental norms. So far, Norway has not produced the goods. Time will tell that the primary intentions of Norwegians had nothing to do with peace in Sri Lanka at all. Norwegians should first, put their own house in order, set an example and then, perhaps offer some assistance, like giving passage to Prabhakaran and his mob to Bergen.



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