Prof. Hudson McLean

The Sri Lankan government lead by RanilW, with support of his Cabinet has sold out the Sinhala to the Devil.

The path made by the Prime Minister is now being used by others, such as the Muslim leaders, trying to carve out their “piece of flesh” from the Sri Lankan body.

The result of the alleged secret pact between the Tamil Tiger Terrorists (TTT) and RanilW is now obvious for all to see. RanilW was and is now the Trojan Horse who opened the door to Tamil Eelam and the eventual decapitation of Sri Lanka.

The predicament for the Sri Lankans is, to decide whom or what they should believe.

Now that RanilW and his government has engineered the opening of Pandora’s Box to show how much the PA’s Deputy Defence Minister, General Ratwatte had stashed in the Hatton National Bank, there must be an impartial body to investigate others, including the President CBK, too.

It so happens that, Ratwatte happens to be related to President CBK. Another question is how much has he stashed outside the country, such as in Switzerland, UK, Singapore etc like all the other have done.

Ratwatte is not the only beneficiary. There are at least another dozen or so who made a pile. Government Ministers from both UNP and SLFP Parties made large sums of money, at the expense of the poor.

It is also a known fact that the government Ministers and their stooges under President JR Jayawardane and President R. Premadasa made a bundle or two. It is alleged that the members of the Jayawardane family, in collusion with the late Buddy Weththasinghe and his sons, created unimaginable wealth. Weththasinghe was married to the sister of late Ananda Tissa de Alwis, who was a right hand man of the late Sir John Kotalawala and then JR Jayawardane.

Premadasa, a man who used to ride a bicycle in his sarong, in Grandpass, himself made his money through his front men “mudalali’s”. Premadasa personally owned and still his family does, several millions of sterling pounds worth of property in the UK, milked from the poor Sri Lankans. And anyone who opposed Premadasa, received the death penalty. And he left this world in the same way as most of his opponents did, by an assassins bullet.

The late Minister (was it the Mahaweli Project?) and Presidential hopeful, Gamini Dissanayake made millions from the Swedish connection. He in fact sent his personal emissary to Stockholm every three months to collect the commissions from Skanska to be deposited in Switzerland. Dissanayake family members who operated a air condition and freezer showroom in Colepetty opposite the Galle Face Hotel, made their millions through influence peddling to UNP.

Certainly the RanilW and his mob is not in this game for the love of the country. We shall publicise part of his financial Agenda in due course.

This peace deal which will never reach its intended public profile. When the first shots are fired by the TTT, it will open the doors to a massive bonanza for the powers be. The state-of-the-art weaponry, GPS tracking systems, fighter jets, light armoured personnel carriers, fast gun boats, which have been pencilled in by the government, will carry the statutory ten percent for the arms dealers. Fifty percent of which will be channelled into the accounts of various Ministers.

The fight between CBK and RanilW has nothing to do with patriotism. It is the Dollar $$$$$$$$$ chase. The winner gets all! To a large extent, both CBK and RanilW are in this game together with a direct line to Velupillai Prabhakaran. If not, the TTT / LTTE would have been history, years ago. It is the “fattening of the sacrificial lamb”, then tease a little bit, kill a few thousand from both sides, take a breather and then start all over again.

Now Let us look at the TTT leadership. The top ten of the TTT have made several hundred millions of dollars and invested them via front companies from Norway to Japan. From USA to South Africa and throughout Europe. Buying a couple of mansions or a floating luxury ship to house the entire leadership, will present no problems.

The floating home concept has been presented to TTT leadership, where their entire logistical and financial management could be housed under absolute control and out of the legal eagles or terrorists, and is under current consideration. A forty thousand ton vessel, “EELAM DEVI” brizzling with fortifications like a battle ship, with two helipads, which may comfortable house upto three thousand heads, a support vessel accompanied by several fast frigates for security, completely operated by a Tamil crew, with top management permanently housed in a floating palace, fitted with the state of the art medical facilities run by Tamil expats, may soon become a reality.

The very top management will be housed on the top decks with the Captain and the command centre, with easy access to helipads.

The business and administrative operations will be placed on the decks immediately below and the lower decks will accommodate the rest, according to importance and seniority. The executive kitchens will be on the upper decks and the galley for the rest will be below the waterline.

The vessels will be refurbished according to Norwegian design specifications and standards, in a Norwegian privately owned shipyard, or possibly by Kvaener Masa Yards.

Such a logistical and management operation will be totally outside international jurisdiction. Comptrollers of the LTTE/TTT financial empire around the globe and logistical centre for all TTT related activity will be based, outside any legal system, on floating Eelam. The total cost of refurbished flotilla is estimated around US $ 500 million, a nominal sum for LTTE, for a seriously profitable business. As long as the passengers and crew are not Wanted for any serious crime, most countries will simply let them float and allow anchorage with landing facilities, whenever needed.

In the meantime, the Sri Lankans, both the expatriates and the resident population must now rise and protest against the Sell Out by RanilW. It is very likely by September 12th 2002, Sri Lanka may explode in a way no one could ever imagine.

There are very few options left. The TTT will deploy their mercenary forces currently awaiting the command, which is decentralised into hundreds of cells, throughout the Island. CBK and her corrupt brigade will be waiting for RanilW and his band of forty thieves to make the first move.

The most preferable or the best out of a worst situation is for the Security Forces to place the entire government including the Executive President under arrest, and use all the military force they can muster, to maintain peace within the Island.

No Tamil Eelam. No Muslim Eelam or a Sinhala Eelam. Sri Lanka remains as one Island. Get the Indian, Pakistani, Israeli and USA support to simply to maintain peace and security at any cost. Give the Security Forces a free hand and offer a personal reward of US$ 100 million dollars to end the war, one way or the other.

Bring all those who were involved and participated in Treason to justice. Confiscate all their assets. Bring in the death penalty for Treason. Hang those who are convicted on the Galle Face Green.

Sri Lanka can live with a General for a few terms.





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