Even since the terrorist gang changed their strategy subsequent to the failure to achieve their goal through continuous armed struggle and due to the post September 11 adverse international environment, they have employed various clandestine means to accomplish their objective on a step by step basis without any reversal. The obnoxious MOU forced upon the Sri Lankan government by the Norwegians was a great impetus for their forward march in this trek. Forcible use of school children and their parents for display of might, ostentation of thuggery, and humiliation of government forces brought manifold successes for them.

The government was impotent and had no backbone to reject any of their demand whatever adverse the consequences were. Following their continuous and unimpeded successes they have now embarked on a major programme of completely cleansing North and East from the presence of Sri Lankan armed forces, described in Prabhakaran's annual speeches as the alien force occupying their homeland. The Minister of Hindu Affairs, and the UNP Member of Parliament for Jaffna Mr. Mahesvaran has assumed the leadership for implementing this programme, for the terrorist gang.

Members of Parliament of Jaffna District, under the leadership of Mr. Maheswaran have called upon the government to withdraw all forces from the Jaffna peninsula, dismantle all Security Zones and allow settlement of the so-called displaced people in these areas. The terrorist Tamil daily Uthayan published in Jaffna reports that all these MPs met in the Jaffna Secretariat on Friday 5th October and unanimously adopted a resolution to this effect, submitted by Mr. Mahesvaran. It says that using Palaly air base and Kankesanthurai naval base on a temporary basis all army and navy personnel should leave the Jaffna peninsula immediately. The MPs have threatened that in the event of failure to dismantle these security zones and allow the people to settle therein, they would take the next appropriate step along with people's participation.

According to "Uthayan" the MPs have said that they would communicate their stand in this regard to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence. The resolution adopted by the MPs also call on the government to open the A-9 road 24 hours, payment of full compensation to the displaced people, and immediate removal of all road blocks. MPs A. Vinayagamoorthy, Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, N.Raviraj, K. Shivalingam, and senior government officials have attended this function held under the leadership of Mr. Mahesvaran, Jaffna's UNP MP and Minister of Hindu Affairs in the Ranil Wickremasinghe government.

Already the government had failed to take meaningful steps to secure the release of the six soldiers captured by the terrorist gang. The resolution adopted by these Parliamentarians led by a Minister of the government pose a grave threat to the security of the nation and safety for the life of our gallant forces who made enormous sacrifices to defend the unitary status of this nation. Will the government guarantee the safety of our forces or will they sacrifice them as it was done by the Premadasa government in June 1990 by ordering more than 600 Police personnel to surrender following an undertaking given by Balasingham.






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