"Will Minister Choksy Reply"

By Dharmasena Rajapakse Abu Dhabi - U.A.E

A few days ago, when I read the letter titled as above, in "Opinion page" of "The Island" written by a "concerned citizen" I felt hilarious and entertaining and myself concerned too. The writer is inquiring whether he can sue the parliamentarians who enjoy superfluous tax-free facilities, which the normal citizens or the taxpayers in the country are not entitled. It is very much a bold question, and no one dared so far to ask a minister. If not any minister, I hope some other qualified person would clarify the matter for the said writer, which would also be beneficial for the general public.

When he mentioned about tax-free facilities and extraordinary conveniences contrived especially for the benefit of our politicians, he has overlooked several important items, which I think is worthwhile considering. Thus I prepared this short list:

1) Tax-free salary and other allowances (during the tenure in office and thereafter until death).

2) Tax-free vehicles (of brand new popular make, super grade and bigger engine capacity with full options).

3) Subsidized food and beverages (at the parliament restaurant for the members and their many stooges; food consists of fried rice or biriyani, with meat and fish curries / fries, vegetables, soups, salads etc. and deserts like curd and honey, watalappan, ice-cream and fruits).

4) Chauffeur driven official vehicles with fuel (ranging from one to eight or ten vehicles depending on whether one is in the govt. party or the opposition and the popularity of the politician).

5) Retinue of ten to fifteen personnel including secretaries, bodyguards, drivers, servants on govt. payroll (personal secretary may be selected from wife or children or any relatives specially in-laws, and body guards from supporters or relatives mainly of underworld origin, drivers and servants from stooges' appointees).

6) Hospital Ward for elite prisoners. (New addition to the list. When any politician or their relatives commit a crime escape wherever possible. If unable to escape indulging in a luxurious hospital ward, is guaranteed, not in an ordinary prison cell as for other citizens).

While you are enjoying these faculties, conveniently forget the mandatory promises given to the constituency and fulfil your own ambitions, amassing property and wealth unhindered, enough for a generation and negate or annihilate any objection or opposition by the public, employing underworld thuggery.



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