Prof. Hudson McLean

We said it before and we say it again!

Having observed the public opinion in the various media outside Sri Lanka, it is obvious even to a fool, deaf and dumb, that the secret deals behind the walls at Temple Trees and behind the Trees in Wanniya jungles, are a clear sell out of the Sinhala majority, by RanilW and his pavement hawkers.

The wild Tamil Tiger Terrorists (TTT) are having a field day, in and out of their natural habitat. Negotiations, mean, Give and Take. But in this game, the TTT are Only Taking. And RanilW is in a generous mood. With some one else’s property. The Norwegians who were instrumental in masterminding the sell out are having a feast of Dosai and the spicy doughnuts, licking their fingers, in delight at their success in getting the Tigers, what they sought, for twenty years in less than twenty hours.

Whatever RanilW and his minions have in the back of their minds, by giving into TTT, the current SLG has opened a “Can of Worms”.

The word is spreading that, the Indians are seriously concerned. It is rumoured that the Indian government has had several discussions with the Americans, expressed their deep concern, if the TTT moved in to declare a “Unilateral Declaration of Independence” or a UDI. The Indians have told in no uncertain terms that, if such a move were to occur, they would have no second thoughts of annexing Sri Lanka, at least to sweep the Island clean off the sewage.

Both the Indian and the American government are of the opinion that the TTT have to be eliminated, once and for all. After serious consultations, RanilW was given a mandate by the powers be, to check out the water temperature. “Give the TTT enough rope to hang themselves” they said.

Historically, both the TTT in particular and the Tamils in general have had a basic lack of civilised culture. Their mentality is very close to that of the Vikings. Barbaric, is an understatement. Sticking a few hundred fish hooks onto the back of one’s body and pull a bullock cart to pay as penance for one’s sins, is barbaric. Why can’t they go to their Kovil and pray in silent communication with their God like the Buddhists, Christians, Muslims or Jews, is a question. They are bent on inflicting pain, to themselves as well as on others.

Polite discussions and negotiations are not in their blood stream. Then they went and aptly named themselves “The Tigers” with a pennant which definitely illustrates their mentality and their inner self. Definitely not the sort of savage face which one would like to show to one’s mum. Fancy having that flag flown at the United Nations!

Upon their return to their adopted lair, The Doctor of Mass Destruction - DMD and his wicked wife celebrated their success with the Norwegian Ambassador in London. Probably with a cup of human blood.

What a scoop! They together, are believed to have had a laugh at the Fools In Paradise in a Paradise For Fools, whilst RanilW played his Harp or whatever.

Alcohol, being very expensive in Norway, is one of the preferred gifts one should take when one visits a Norwegian customer or guest. An old joke runs that, if one can somehow smuggle two bottles of Scotch through Norwegian Customs, the Norwegian host might even let you enjoy the night with his spouse whilst he indulges on the spirit. But this is true.

True to form, Norwegians, as pimps go, have now shown the leaders of Sri Lanka, how to prostitute the welfare of a country and her peoples, in favour of the High Spirits of political power.

Are we being too hard or harsh for the likes of Hon. Milinda Moragoda, as he had stated in one of his emails? He does not like those who express their opinions against the current government policy of the Sell Out. And in his web site, what a load of codswollop!

This fella, Milinda has two rules. One Rule says that, he can happily negotiate with a bunch of Tamil Tiger Terrorists, who are all holding foreign passports. The other Rule says that, any expatriate Sri Lankan or someone who is not Sri Lankan who opposes or criticises his policies of treason and underhand dealings of his SLG, should keep silent. Funny chap!

Yes Mr. Moragoda Sir! The truth hurts. It will definitely even hurt those treacherous people in power more, if and when the Parliament is dissolved and a Referendum is held in December. Hope Madam CBK is reading Lankaweb. Please take note-;

The Referendum should clearly ask the following-;

1: Should the SLG offer an unelected bunch of murderous criminals, one third or more of the Island of Sri Lanka, as their private domain, Pro Bono, Gratis, Free of Charge, on a Silver Platter, going on knees begging, to rule as they please?

2: Does the electorate consider that all those who were and currently are involved, both Sinhala and Tamil, in human rights violations, crimes against humanity and acts of treason in Sri Lanka, should be brought to justice, observed by an independent United Nations led tribunal?

3: Should the current Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) led by Norwegians, who are blatantly biased against the Sinhala, be replaced by an independent United Nations led team?

Perhaps the readers of LANKAWEB may consider contributing more points to above!

Sri Lanka is one Island, one State, indivisible, one Executive President, one Prime Minister, all in one Parliament. And Sri Lanka remains that way.

If any Tom, Dick or Harry, I mean any Maheswaran, Velupillai (not the Drug Runner who is now in a Canadian Prison) or Thamilselvam wants to play the power game, they can jolly well go before their electorate (if they have such a system in Terrorist culture) and get elected as a democratic Member of Parliament in Kotte. No to silly suggestions of an Interim Administration. That is a No, No!

We hope that these jungle Terrorists understand words such as Democracy, Civility, Humanity etc. After living in the jungle for so long for over twenty years and used to slaughter of human beings, infants etc, it is, we believe, difficult to adjust. But adjust, they must.

Sri Lanka does not need such savage blood thirsty creatures crawling all over the countryside. Tamils who wish to be part of the Sri Lankan culture and those who are prepared to accept the democratic principles, may stay. But the likes of Maheswaran who is playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, can go and play that in TamilNadu, the Homeland of the Tamils.

And RanilW should stop looking at the stars and Stop slitting his nose to spite his baby face.





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