Prof. Hudson McLean

It does not add up. It is too good to be true!

A twenty year old plus terrorism, by the most ruthless gang of murderers the world has ever witnessed since Adolf Hitler’s annihilation of innocent Jews or the Pol Pot massacres, killed off in one fell swoop by the magic wand of RanilW in less than twenty hours.

Concession after concession doled out by natural born killers under the leadership and guiding light of Doctor Anton Balasingham, to a puppet on a string Professor G. L. Pieris. Who is the puppet master? Certainly not RanilW. Let the readers of Lanka Web guess!

Now the stage is set for a OMO clean democratic wash of a political battle with even more generous concessions.

Even the Sinhala political parties will be “allowed” to enter the fray in their own land in a Battle of the Ballot. Could you believe that? Generosity hath no limits.

However, if all these “Gifts from Heaven”, I mean, from the “Tamil Haven” are really true, why are they building up their arsenal? Why are the LTTE/TTT Sea Tigers and Land Warriors playing war games breaking the ground rules in the cease fire agreement?

Why, according to the Jane’s wire, LTTE/TTT arms merchants are still purchasing a wide range of weaponry, including chemical weapons, from the former Soviet Union countries?

Whilst Balasingham is bragging about sitting down with aid donors, why are the LTTE/TTT money collectors still appealing discretely to the Tamil Diaspora to donate funds for the war chest?

If one describes this activity as “something fishy”, it is an understatement. It really stinks! The Norwegians have got used to the smell. And RanilW is walking with his nose right up, and a handkerchief drowned is a bucket of Aramis.

The only bad news for the LTTE/TTT is the 200 year tag hung round Velupillai Prabhakaran’s neck. There are some murmurs about whisking the bugger off somewhere no one will find. Even the floating Gin Palace which is on the Norwegian table is now under reevaluation. It is far too ostentatious, visible and transparent for a WANTED criminal to settle down in.

Cannot hide in one of the Muslim states without that irritating surgery. Africa is out of the question. China would not touch a Tamil with a barge pole. Neither would North Korea. Really, there are not many options left. Even the Norwegian government would like to bail out as soon as possible, of offering a peaceful resort location in one of their Fjords.

We have now received a scrap or two of “news gossips” leaked out purposely, that the Norwegian government would not like to get involved in any high profile legal battle with India, especially after the US elections, which received a “nod and a wink” by the US public to castrate Saddam Hussein. This is really bad news for the Tamil Tarzan. Norway is still a front line State in NATO and NATO cannot have one rule for Saddam and another for Velupillai.

Really the High Court judgment put the boot in severely, into several of TTT dreams, even before the American elections. Like one crazy pundit once said, “Aberration is the hall mark of Homo Sapiens”. This is the proof of that! Even the LTTE/TTT goons are left with their heads spinning.

Take a Tiger for example. The Sinhala did not invent the Tiger Terrorism or their public face portrayed in their flag. The LTTE/TTT designed and devised their own pennant with the face of an evil wicked angry Tiger. A well known psychologist analysed the face of the Tiger on the LTTE/TTT flag and said that, the person or persons who designed this flag were in a horrid state of mind. Blood thirsty animals have a reason to kill, but those who devised the flag do not need any reason to kill even their own mother, he said. Several times, both the men and women of the Tiger terrorists aptly demonstrated their skills in crushing skulls of infants and the slaughter of innocents civilians, even whilst they slept.

Would you share your bed with one of those? Perhaps Mr. Neville or that Concerned Expatriate might. But then, they are with their own.

The general consensus of opinion of the current peaceful state is that, this is the “Lull Before The Storm”. A wild Tiger does not dig his own grave, and get inside, and die quietly. It goes down fighting and demands to be put down with equal ferocity. A wild Tiger can never ever be tamed. Even after the nth generation in captivity and bred in captivity, the Tiger instincts are bubbling beneath the skin and never should be trusted.

When one studies the face of Professor G. L. Pieris in all those friendly cuddly comfy photo opportunities, one sees the face of a man whose heart is filled with fear. A nervous hand trying to hold on to a watering can. A man who knows that “the bubble would burst”. He knows that this love affair will never last. Perhaps until the next election. If RanilW can con the Sri Lankan electorate to give him a powerful mandate, the Tigers will win in a different way. If PA wins, the Island of Sri Lanka will explode simultaneously, and throughout the country.

The deal will give them the opportunity to carve a bigger slice at the next available opportunity. Unless the SLDF are give a free hand to put down the terror once and for all.

All Right. That is the bad news. How can the Sri Lankan citizens get their freedom from terrorism and enjoy a good nights sleep?

Cut the bullsh-t and the cr-p! RanilW before claiming victory, should ask the Norwegians to instruct the LTTE/TTT to surrender all weapons, fancy suits and clothing, and allow the SLG authorities a free hand to roam anywhere within the sovereign territory of Sri Lanka and enforce Sri Lankan Law. Just like George W. Bush has demanded from Saddam Hussein. And Norwegians must respect the law and the judiciary of Sri Lanka and hand over Velupillai Prabhakaran to the Sri Lanka Police.

Until then, the whole damn thing is a farce!





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