National Peace Council's High Aspirations Towards Peace! Through Rhetoric ?

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Jehan Perera's 'National Peace Council' and an NGO of weak repute in as far as its covert links with the LTTE are concerned have no jurisdiction to make proclamations that the New Government will lift the Ban and Proscription of the LTTE. In making such statements he may be inadvertently bringing on ridicule and many raised eyebrows Globally upon the New UNF Government which already has more than they can handle in terms of Political Responsibilities thrust upon them relative to the Nation's Security and are treading a thin line of unknown nomenclature searching for the appropriate means to resolve the Terrorist Problem.

It may be easy enough to express eloquently the many veiled references towards acheiving peace through moderation and tolerance which probably sound like music to the LTTE and its nefarious spokespersons such as Anton Balasingham who continue to be tolerated by the British Administration in its blatant double standard of proscribing and outlawing the LTTE yet granting freedom of movement to Balasingham's directives in conducting his affairs as though dissassociated from the LTTE yet representing them in an arrogance which shames the thickest hided buffalow probably snickering at the manner in which the Brits. tolerate him and how he wallows in apparent 'British Mud'.

It seems unforeseeable that in all wisdom despite the rhetoric which keeps building up, the Prime Minister would ever consider the folly of granting the LTTE free access to previously secured areas whether Administratively or Millitarily controlled, regardless of the LTTE's attempts to sound like a bunch of contrite, reprobate schoolboys marching to the Principal's Office to take their punishment and hence their place in the Natural Order once forgiven and reprieved never to commit misdeeds!.

Jehan Perera's jumping into the trenches with the LTTE has been in the making for quite sometime now and he may in all likelihood be joined in the near future by Dr.Jayalath Jayawardena the other mindless pretender with his personalised consortium of peace visionaries whose mastery of deception seems to have befuddled even the Prime Minister who has so far failed to perceive the glaring Faux Pas' being committed by Jayawardena whose selective process for granting restitution to displaced citizens has overlooked and shoved into a corner the people of real need, those of his own Sinhalese Community in poor rural villages decimated by the LTTE, while making generous handouts to Tamil Organizations supportive of the LTTE.

Is this the justice and lasting peace being broadcast by the National Peace Council of Jehan Perera together with the rest of the all trusting path pavers towards a lasting peace, some of whom are already banding together to venture out on a march towards the Tamil populated North through Land Mined and Terrorist Infested Areas at huge personal risk? It may be advisable prior to setting out on these fool hardy ventures to have some assurances of personal security for innocents recruited for this rather foolhardy venture which sounds amazing on paper but seems to have scant repect for the safety of the thousands of unsuspecting individuals involved.

And finally, what has the National Peace Council done about the Unloading of Deadly Cargo Of Military Weaponry by the LTTE, in broad daylight and under the bungling Misdirectives of Security by an Administration stumbling and bungling its chaotic way through their Cease Fires and Peace Initiatives while shamefully baring Top Secret Operations and Operatives responsible for Securing the Nation from the villainy of the LTTE and have even gone as far as imprisoning in apathetic conditions, Officers who need to be decorated as National Heroes!rather than being mendaciously accused of participation in the Udathalawalawinna Massacres and uprisings against Members of Parliament while the real culprits languish in the relative safety and cocoons of legal security.

If Jehan Perera's vocal efforts are part of the LTTE Propaganda Machine parked behind a phony peace effort where the real concerns of the LTTE are, their personal security and ambits towards their own goals, he needs to rationalise about the realities of the issue at hand which involves World Opinion Against Terrorism and the Sovereign Integrity of the Nation which his unmelodious symphony may be attempting to compromise, a symphony which is being conducted by band leaders such as Prabakharan whose discorded overtures to the New Administration seem to spare no reservations towards making obvious his real motives.

The State Of Israel recently unequivocally proclaimed that the Palestinians could not be accepted as Legitimate Peace Seekers after a huge consignment of Military Weaponry and Equipment was discovered bound for PLO enclaves and in the same token, it should be the strongest guideline for the dialogue of the NPC and its supporters of the pseudo- peace slogan, who fail to envision the dangerous build up of Millitary Power of the LTTE through the vagaries of the present Ceasefire, while shooting their mouths off with vapid rhetoric which does little or nothing to the Real Needs Of The Nation.

Mr. Prime Minister Please Note!


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