Present Adulation Of LTTE Leader An Injustice To The Sinhala Nation

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Ethically and logically it has to be the bounden duty of any incumbent Sri Lankan Administration to apprehend and bring to justice the criminals who have perpetrated high crimes and misdemeanours and caused destruction at the massive scale the LTTE are guilty of over decades and no relinquishing of military fatigues, a clean shaven demeanour in silk robes and an attempt to present imagery in a sanctimonious transformation into a humane compassionate personage on the part of LTTE leader Prabhakaran would ever exonerate him of his guilt or bear with the reality of horrendous crimes against humanity and a Sovereign Nation with impunity as he has to be made answerable through the Justice System both Nationally and Internationally.

In the same token that the late Rohana Wijeweera the former leader of the JVP during the days of their insurgent dogma was apprehended and brought to justice despite its unfortunate means, the LTTE leader too must be made accountable for his sins although by comparison Wijeweera's Nationalistic fervour far overrides the implications of guilt towards Sri Lanka and seen as a matyr by many rather than a terrorist leader whose real objectives are now being personified through the JVP of today and their genuine empathy for their Motherland where analogies between the two personalities are non existent by way of a common denominator where Prabhakaran has to be made accountable for his past as someone lacking true feelings not only for the Sinhalese but also his own ethnicity.There are vast numbers of Tamil families presently pleading for information from the Prabhakaran camp about loved ones gone missing! without plausible answers.

Short of ridiculing the pain of the Sinhala Nation and its sufferings endured at the hands of the Prabhakaran led LTTE, the Wickremasinghe Administration with its leader literally playing 'Devil's Advocate' seems to be wooing and garlanding the infamous Prabhakaran and his consorts when in reality he should be facing a War Crimes Tribunal for the attrocities directed by him which all but wiped Sri Lanka off the Industrial Map and set back progress by decades! rather than being let off the hook to talk about entering Administrative Politics as though he was a modern day Saybaba whose sanctity demanded no questioning and it may be in the best interests of the Administration and that of the Nation to scrutinise the importance of bringing to justice this infamous criminal rather than pour accolades on him and permit the International media to go on a feeding frenzy towards publicizing his non existent attributes and making a mockery of Sri Lankan Administrative and Legal Policy.

Interpol has made it very clear in no uncertain terms that their intentions towards apprehending Prabhakaran is very real judging by the bulletins released to this effect and there seems to be a nagging fear and suspicion within the International Community that there are much deeper and far reaching implications of this individual's guilt towards Humanity as he is being identified as part of the design team responsible for the concept of Suicide Bombing which has now been frighteningly propagated Globally and another reason why Interpol is so interested in bringing him to justice.

For someone who over the years villified the Sinhala Race and almost brought it down to its knees it seems a ridiclous aberration of justice and beyond comprehension that the present Administration appears ready to go along with the pseudo-empathies of the LTTE and its leadership towards the Sinhalese, Muslim and other communities while betraying the need for justice and vindication of huge national losses perpetrated through the ruthless policies and ambits of these harbingers of terror.

That is, unless it is in fact a scenario being played out with the cunning and subterfuge of a mastemind led Administration to bring out into the open these Internationally sought after criminals in collaboration with the Agencies pursuing them in which case the Sinhala Nation together with the rest of its freedom loving inhabitants would be eternally indebted to them for ridding the Nation of a scourge and a pestillence which has initiated the prevalence of an extended dark era which is finally about to end with ensuing prosperity and freedom for all Sri Lankans.

There has been a rather intellectual but humorous musing within the Global Sinhala Village that transforming Prabhakaran's personage from terrorist to democrat would be akin to " Teaching The Ship's Cat To Navigate!! "


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