Some Compelling Thoughts at Our Hour of Desperation

By Mike Opatha

Ranil Wickremasinghe, has gone ahead with the de-banning of LTTE or TTT (Tamil Tiger Terrorists) despite appeals from many quarters, including the opposition parties who advocated against it unanimously. As well, he did a quick summersault with the leading Buddhist clergy of the country who vehemently opposed the de-ban of this group – the group that not only repeatedly desecrated Buddhism’s holiest shrines, but also carried out massacres of Buddhist monks with hitherto unknown savagery, including hundreds of young innocent bikkhus. I recall seen pictures of the buses that were waylaid and attacked by the TTT which were soaked in blood.

The blood was in fact dripping out of the bus entrance steps! In keeping with the masterpiece of duplicity that Ranil exhibited during the election time (i.e. whereby he denied of any secret pact with the TTT just so he did not “turn off” the Sinhala populace), he first promised the leading Buddhist clergy that the ban would continue and then employed a series of cheap stunts, including crafty word-plays (such as the “temporary ban” term) to renege on that promise.

All common sense dictated that the (endless) concessions afforded to the TTT since the so called MOU, and the ban on it as a terrorist organization, should have been dealt with only when the TTT had agreed to disarm and renounce the claim for their mythical eeelam separate state. Admittedly, if Ranil felt the need to compromise (especially at the behest of our new found colonial masters – Norwegians - who were initially invited to partake in this sordid process and hero worshipped by the former PA regime as “white knights on white horses” despite their well known sympathies for the TTT) he should have waited until substantive progress had been made at the so called peace talks with the TTT. No, he had to do it his way – the way that has virtually underwritten Sri Lanka’s doom!

As I have said before, the TTT are sitting down in Thailand to finalize details around their separate state – eelam. Ranil is sitting down to talk “issues.” What issues? TTT have said that they are not willing to talk seriously about his “issues” but that they are coming to discuss the “interim administration” next steps such as “de-militarization” and “normalcy” which are essentially the demands for removal of all security forces’ camps. The so called “core-issues” that Ranil intends to discuss are entirely in his imagination. Although not rocket science, Ranil has not yet grasped the fact that the TTT have vowed to never settle for anything less than a total separate state.

TTT have repeatedly said this at every opportunity that they were given. Therefore, Ranil is akin to the poor wimpy-hen that is wandering into the foxhole to convince the fox not to devour it. The fox cajoled the hen to come in so that it can “negotiate” on how/when to devour the hen, but not to questions the validity of the devouring act per se. Already the TTT are running their own forms of “policing” (in realty, terrorizing the citizenry to wipe out dissent), “tax collecting” (euphemism for extorting and kidnapping for ransom), banking (really to organize finances for future terror campaigns) and a courts system (so that all dissidents can be summarily executed) in the Northern and Eastern provinces. Ranil’s regime has kept this fact a secret from the average Sri Lankan through rigid media control. Shame! Shame!

I cannot help but have a great sense of sadness overpower me when I think of the scenario that is awaiting to engulf Sri Lanka the day that it is once again under LEADERSHIP. Ranil and his cohorts’ folly would have been exposed long ago and the brave Sri Lankan forces (who have paid dearly due to past follies by the both governing parties) will be at war once again with their arch enemy who has now grown ten times stronger – with manpower, armor, and funding – only due to a bunch of cooks who had abject myopic vision.

Tylvin Silva and the JVP, bravo indeed! You have well spoken! Exhibiting true patriotism and wisdom, you have stepped to the plate to deliver much needed hope and dignity for the Sinhala masses, the unquestionable original owners of the land who are now being relegated to insignificance. Hitherto although I myself have not been a subscriber to your political views and your past modus-operandi, you will have my unqualified support henceforth. What should matter to all patriotic Sri Lankans is the safeguarding of their motherland and I urge all such to rally behind and support the JVP.

This is not a time to entertain petty partisan differences, especially on account of personal sentiments. Sri Lanka, after 2500 years of proud history, is once again at cross roads whereby the wrong turn will surely lead to her demise. Tylvin and the JVP, I urge you to form all possible alliances with like minded persons from the PA, SU, MEP and others to come together as a strong joint force – a force to be reckoned with, a force against our cultural and national slaughter. At this hour of despair, you are the only hope. Bless you! Bravo!





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