Prof. Hudson McLean

Hello! Hello! Calling the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Sri Lankans in Canada and elsewhere!

Your Wake Up Call, is now being packed and wrapped in a suicide bomber by the TTT aka LTTE. When the bell tolls, I mean when the bomb blows, many a good or bad Sri Lankan will not wake up again, not in this world.

The bell-ringer, the Sri Lankan Tamil friend in Canada should really wake up to realities. Where have you been hibernating so long, dear friend?

Sitting in Canada on your high horse, it is the Sri Lankan Tamil expatriates in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia who funded the terror which annihilated over 60,000 poor innocent Sri Lankans. Both Sinhala and Tamil. Look at the North East. The Tamil Diaspora funded terror has made Jaffna look like Afghanistan. Or worse. The BBC TV pictures of poor Tamils make Congo look a much better place. The blood of the poor dead Sinhala and Tamil, is on your hands, dear sport!

Before you start to wake up the rest of the Sri Lankans with another string of suicide bombers, wake yourself up, to a few of the atrocities which your Tamil terrorists kith and kin perpetrated on innocent hapless helpless Sinhala children.

Wake up, to the screams of a little infant who is being swung by his legs, to the sounds of a tiny skull cracking against a stone wall. Allegedly performed by your Tamil Terrorist women. Will they ever have children of their own? If then, how will they feel if the same plight dawned on their infants?

Wake up, to the screaming agony of pregnant women who were being brutally hacked to death, by the LTTE women’s forces trained and commanded by Colonel Adele “Dingo” Balasingham, the Secretary of the LTTE Peace Delegation. Trust her not, to write the truth. A foreign woman, WANTED in her own country, Australia, with blood of Sinhala, in her hands. Now trying to play Joan d’ Arc of Jaffna!

Wake up, to the double faced LTTE-TTT talking of Peace whilst building up their offensive positions, weapons, suicide bombers to blow up Sri Lanka to smithereens.

Wake up, to the brutal, cruel, savage mentality of Tamil Tiger Terrorists whose main agenda is far from bringing Peace to South Asia.

Wake up, all those good thinking Sinhala and Tamil people and read the Lanka Web, and read the real feelings and opinions of the majority of the Sri Lankans.

Wake up, to the double faced Norwegian Vikings, with a hidden agenda, who, in their own historical savage culture, have slashed the heads off their victims, whilst smiling. Unlike the colonial British, Dutch, Swedes, Portuguese, and Spanish, the Norwegian Vikings were brutal adventurers, pirates and selfish parasites. The Norwegians were the terrorists afloat of the Pacific Ocean. Just like the TTT, who are terrorists of the Indian Ocean. As “birds of the same feather” they now flock together.

Wake up call, to the Generals, Colonels, Captains and soldiers. Your compatriots have shed a great deal of blood on behalf of Sri Lanka during the past twenty (20) years. The LTTE has made thousands of your colleagues’ families destitute. Their future shattered. Their children without fathers. You have been used as simple puppets by both the UNP/UNF and SLFP/PA regimes. Your masters, some of them, as you see, are from your own ranks, including the families of the Jayawardane, Bandaranaike, Ratwatte, Premadasa, Wickramasinghe and their cronies, have buried millions of dollars in private banks whilst you were burying the disfigured corpses of your colleagues.

Wake up now! Wake up and take over the leadership and STOP the disintegration of Sri Lanka. Get your colleagues in India, Pakistan, USA to help the Sri Lankan Defence Forces to put an end to tyranny, bloodshed, and double-faced dealings, self gratification, one way or the other. Put an end to the savagery of the LTTE/TTT, NOW, today, before they start their next blood bath.

What is Democracy in Sri Lanka? It is a “one man show” or a “one woman show”. Strangle the Press Freedom. Kill any person who opposes the people in power. Democracy, as is in Sri Lanka, has reached its final crescendo. Both in the NE and in the South, it is the “Rule of the Jungle”. The survival of the fittest. The fittest build the fattest bank accounts.

The Prime Monster RanilW appoints his own cousin who has legally helped himself into a billion rupee loan without any intention of repaying, to take care of the kitty. Do deals with the terrorists. It is worse than allowing a “fox to take care of the chickens, with a wild tiger to protect the fox”.

And the newspapers dare not speak. Lest the Editor floats, with his head facing down, embedded in raw sewage, in the Beira Lake, the following morning!

With this kind of “Democracy” in Sri Lanka today, Sri Lanka might be better off with a military Dictator under a Joint Defence Forces command..

Only the Defence Forces can Save Sri Lanka now! Do it NOW! Act today!

Wake up!

Make your voices heard. And tell us what YOU think!

And to our dear Tamil friend from Canada. Thank you for your opinion. Do write again!


A Call to good thinking Tamils & Sinhalese
By a Good Srilankan Living in Canada.(LankaWeb - 09/09/02)





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