Prof. Hudson McLean

Except within the Sri Lankan Parliament, there is a quiet but an uneasy peace in the Island. However the main questions being asked by observers are that, "How long will the peace last?", and "What are the consequences, where and when, when the first blast hits the Island?".

As a poker player, RanilW is playing the hand very close to his chest. He does not trust many of his "friends". According to speculation, political analysts consider this strategy to be extremely dangerous. Mainly because during this pause of hostilities, RanilW has left all security doors open for the terrorists to regroup, distribute, establish networking and to position their weaponry in place. Being a terrorist organisation LTTE Tamil Tigers like Al Qaeda, are answerable only to their chief Velupillai Prabhakaran and to no other authority.

On the other hand, whatever the Sri Lankan government (SLG) plans to implement, is subject to scrutiny by the UN, Red Cross, Human Rights groups, the Vikings, Amnesty, Joe Bloggs, Loku Banda, the SLG Opposition etc. Although SLG is well supported by USA, EU, India, Pakistan, Israel, China etc, it is impossible to prevent a well motivated and a professionally trained terrorist from deploying his mission.

Over the past few days Tyronne Fernando the FM has made it his province to express his opinions on the interior matters of his government. Perhaps the relevant Ministers in charge of the Interior and the Defence Ministries are on holiday. And at the same time TyronneF confirms his availability for the position of the Secretary General of United Nations. Hear. Here!

Confusion. Are the Tamil Terrorist LTTE creating confusion to pressure RanilW to conclude a secret deal? On one hand the LTTE states that-; THE TERRORIST GROUP LTTE WANTS TO STANDBY ITS ALLY, THE RANIL WICKREMESINGHE ADMINISTRATION AND PLEDGES SUPPORT IN CRISIS
.-Full Story-(LankaWeb - 09/08/02)

And on the other, TAMIL TIGERS ATTACK JAFFNA TRADE EXHIBITION AS AN EFFORT BY SINHALA TRADERS TO FORAY INTO JAFFNA IN SEARCH OF CUSTOMERS.-Full Story-(LankaWeb - 08/08/02) confirming their continuing policy of ethnic cleansing, racism and their undemocratic dictatorial stance.

Any simple follower of politics will undoubtly see that there are strong underlying currents developing in readiness for a massive explosion.

According several readers of Lanka Web, there are serious threats of assasinations of a dozen or so Sinhala politicians by paid Sinhala assasins, simply to create havoc. Many of the hostilities will flare up within the Sinhala communities by Sinhala individuals on political and religious grounds, under the financial patronage of the LTTE or their commercial paymasters in Colombo. We have received some of the names of targeted politicians and we may release these to the appropriate authorities in due course.

Will the Sinhala electorate accept that the demarcation of the Sovereign State giving a 100% control of NE of the Island to Tamil Tiger Terrorists, whilst the Southern Tamil paymasters of the LTTE are creaming the profits on the back of the Sinhala in the South?

Will the Sinhala citizens accept the fact that SLG has allowed free access of the entire Island to Tamil Terrorists whilst the citizens of the Island are under severe restrictions of movement within their own land?

Will the SLG under RanilW have the political courage and defence backbone to say NO to what the terrorists are doing right now in his own country?

For example-;

1: NO to Tamil Eelam Police Force.
NO to illegal banks operating in Sri Lankan territory.
NO to parallel taxation
NO to illegal importation of products and equipment
There is only one Ministry of Defence, one Ministry of Interior, one Central Bank which gives permission to open banking and govern the currency, one Ministry of Finance under which State Taxation and Sri Lanka Customs & Excise operate.

2: NO to Tamil Only policy in the NE.
There are no restricted zones within the Island except Defence Security Areas. All other areas are open to all citizens of the Island and those who are permitted to enter the Island.

3: NO to direct private or personal or secret negotiations with Prime Minister or Executive President. All negotiations must be transparent. No discussions between the Prime Minister and the internationally wanted terrorists. All negotiations are held only by designated officers of the government. Neither the Prime Minister nor any other individual has the right to conduct secret negotiations on behalf of the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka.

4: NO to the demand of a Tamil homeland under any guise.
There is a Tamil Homeland in Tamil Nadu India. Would the Tamils in Malaysia demand and get an independent Tamil homeland in Malaysia?

Would the Tamils in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, Norway or anywhere else get a Tamil homeland in those countries? Not even the Oboriginies. The original inhabitants of Australia had their tails cut off a few days ago by a Court ruling.

The bottom line is that, it is very likely that the LTTE Tamil Tigers are planning their hostilities to commence in Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu and Nepal concurrently.

This is one very good reason why both USA and India should plan preventive strategy such as deployment of the Indian Navy and US Navy round Sri Lanka, Bay of Bengal as well as double checking on the Diaspora in the Western Hemisphere in order to minimise the impact of any restless Tigers.

And for Erik Solheim and his fellow Norwegians who have fuelled the ethnic fire in Sri Lanka, they can have all the LTTE Tamils they want, absolutely, Pro Bono.



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