India Wisely Stays Out Of Sri Lanka's Peace Initiative With LTTE.

Nandimithra - The Seeing Eye Of Serendib For LankaWeb

The Official News Engine of India The Hindu has sent an unveiled message of sensibility to the Sri Lankan Government that the Vajpaiye Administration is unwilling to accommodate the needs of the LTTE seeking redress for their incarceration as banned terrorists within the International Community and that any Peace Negotiations Planned by the Government of Sri Lanka should be done at its own discretion and as it sees fit ! A resounding snub which needs to be looked at forthwith and analysed for its net worth which could be in the bests interests of Sri Lanka.

With no mincing of words the Indian Government has unequivocally stated their views on Prabakharan and Anton Balasingham, the former wanted for the asssasination of the Late Hon Rajive Gandhi the then Prime Minister and other crimes against humanity as outlined by Interpol and other Law Enfocement Agencies, and has all but refused to co-operate in the incidental needs of the LTTE in their attempt to bait the Sri Lankan Goverment through their ambiguous self centred projections for Peace once again involving Norway which does not have a great record to boast about, in its past involvement with the same subject.

The State of Tamil Nadu has also expressed concerns about the pitfalls of The Indian Government's involvement in the present so called Peace Initiative, reminding it of the devastating losses incurred by the IPKF and the embarrassments caused by the LTTE to both India and the Premadasa Regime in Sri Lanka where National Security was threatened time and time again by whom they term dangerous fascist terrorists.Their claims towards upholding their objections and an unwillingness to participate in the present Peace Initiative seems especially concerted in view of the arms shipments recently unloaded and transported by th LTTE sea-cohorts undercover of a ceasefire as there appears no credibility granted to the LTTE on any rational consensus even though the Sri Lankan Government seems to be initiating a unilateral negotiation which in all wisdom the Indian Authorities smell foul with ample justification!

The LTTE in their latest move to assert their assimilation into a society which they have systematically attempted to destroy over decades are probalby also attempting to circumvent the long arm of justice which hangs over thair heads with nowhere to run and the almost blindfolded Sri Lankan Administration attempting to milk the venom off the poisonous entity the LTTE are, seem to be disregarding the warnings of Nations such as India and Pakistan in a manouvre that needs extreme caution and many considerations to be envisioned where primarily a laying down of arms and a denouncing of idealogies towards separation is imperative. So far none of this has been presented by the LTTE which makes the analysts wonder about their real motives and India has confirmed through their negative responses that the realities of the present Sri Lankan Governments Peace Initiative seem rather vague and has resoundingly emphasized that it has noted significantly the by -passing of the Presidency and Presidential Involvement which has been excluded from the Government's Actions which lends little credibility for their justifications.


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