A murderous terrorist, a rag-tag hooligan parallels himself with the President of Sri Lanka.

I feel our country has come to a frightening situation than ever before. The power crazy Ranil Wickramasinghe and his Party should take the total blame for dragging the nation to this level.

The threat to our nation from this LTTE terrorist gang was aggravated all these years and came to this level because all our Leaders treated the issue within their Political Party Frame, and not as a National issue.

It is time now Sri Lanka shed the "party politics" culture and grow in national unity to chase this LTTE menace for good. In the United States, when a national issue arises (as on Sept 11), whole country and leaders put aside their political affiliations and unite in one voice. The media shed their affiliations and treat the issue as their national issue.

They unite under one flag. Sri Lanka is going down the drains because of the extreme political party divisions among leaders and the people and the media, which, in reality have no difference from one another! It is hideous even to support the continuation of Party Politics when facing this LTTE threat to Sri Lanka.

People must demand from our Leaders to treat these issues and act on them without political party affiliations. It is the responsibility of the media to support the national unity and fight against terrorism without being biased to political party affiliations.

Lankaweb should take the lead in bringing some eye openings to the people, in initiating steps to give a national feeling to our next generations.

Neel Nawa, USA


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