By Prof: Hudson McLean

Has the brave Tiger turned himself into a little Mouse?

The safari suit clad, sans bushy moustache and pistol, intended to create a more cuddly friendly image, still could not hide from the fact of fear for his own life. Hence the heavy security and banning any electronic device which might be used for tracking and sending a guided explosive message. As stated earlier, the so called "tough terrorists" are the biggest cowards. Tigers have been given a lesson or two by Osama bin Laden and the Afghans on electronic tracking (telemetry) and insecurity.

Does Velupillai Prabhakaran (VP), expect to run a political campaign of governance from the security of the Vanni jungle?

I do not think for one moment, the Sri Lankan government, either PA or UNF will ever try to assassinate VP. But there is a certain likelihood that his own Tamil brethren will try to snuff him out for a hundred reasons. Like Hitler or one of the tin pot banana republic President's, VP will have to keep looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life.

Specially when his lieutenants realise that spending an entire life in the jungle, in exchange for a better life outside Wanni, when one has a few million dollars gathering interest and dust, some might be tempted to put a spot of cyanide into VP's cup of tea.

Will the Tiger ever change its stripe?

This is definitely a No, No! We all gave VP the benefit of the doubt, till the Press Conference. The Tiger has not changed his tune or his stripe. Singing the same ole song!

The biggest losers will be the Norwegians. In the nearest future, the Norwegians will receive a lesson which will shatter the Norwegian credibility. The Norwegians will end up as an International Joke.

Norwegians failed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And the Tigers will make a Monkey out of Erik Solheim.

If India decided to grant an Amnesty to Velupillai Prabhakaran, what will be the political implications for the State Government on the status of Tamil Nadu as a Federal State within the Republic?

This is indeed a very dangerous situation for India. The Tiger example will multiply the vicious cycle of violence exponentially, within other trouble spots within India, just like an Amoeba.

Next the Indian Muslims will want their own independent Sovereign State(s). Kashmir will start the ball rolling. Tamil Nadu will declare independence unilaterally. Goa will want their own Republic and India might disintegrate into a dozen or so mini Republics, screaming with demands with violence, with India drowned in rivers of blood.

To prevent such disastrous instability in the Indian subcontinent, India must support the Sri Lankan government to maintain the territorial integrity of the Island, and above all, exercise all legalities to bring VP to book, within the Indian jurisdiction.

Should the Government of Sri Lanka decided to de-proscribe LTTE as a terrorist organisation and subsequently if the LTTE stands by its demand for an Independent State outside the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka, how should the Government handle such a recurrence of terrorism?

In the first instance, the Government of Sri Lanka must have a leader with a backbone who can say, "NO". De-proscription may follow after a peaceful settlement, to be monitored by independent observers, over a period of a minimum of two years. No blackmail. No haggling. Or No Deal!

In the case of Ranil Wickremasinghe, should he decide to stand firm on this principle, he will pick up the Presidency with a landslide. From the UNF side, there is Mr. Anura Bandaranaike standing by, to continue the dynastic rule.

A waltz with the LTTE will be a Dance with the Devil!

"Sri Lanka cannot and will not have any borders within the Island", that should be the message, loud and clear. By both PA and UNF.

Should terrorism commence, then Sri Lanka should turn to USA, India, EU, or even NATO to lend a hand. Such an alternative has been placed on the table, according to well informed sources.

How can the Fuel Tanks Farm help in this dispute?

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation should enter into a long term, minimum ten years, preferably ninety nine (99) year lease agreement with India, USA and also with Russia on the usage of the facility, for usage without any reservations. An up front payment of five years should help the Government to rebuild some of the destroyed infrastructure and turn Jaffna into an International Airport.

Will VP join his LTTE team in Thailand for any negotiations?

Definitely not. Nearly all terrorists, behind their beard and moustache, are essentially, real cowards. Most probably, whilst all the LTTE cadres are carrying a Cyanide Pill around their necks, VP has Vitamin C tablets to keep the colds away.

Thailand cannot and will not give any guarantees of asylum, in case the INTERPOL happened to drop in. India will bide time and in the end will jet VP to the Delhi Central Jail.

Is Sri Lanka For Sale?

By A concerned expatriate

Sri Lanka is not for sale!!!

Never advocated such a policy. There is a difference between a Sale and a Lease or Rental. With a Sale one transfers the Title. But with a Lease or a Rent, the Title is held by the Principle, ie the Sri Lankan citizens and the Government. With the latter, the Principle and the Title holders shall receive an income with the division of responsibility as outlined in the Agreement.

The rental Agreement between Sri Lanka and a foreign entity, especially another Sovereign State, will confirm that the Legal Right of the Title to Property.

Dear Concerned Expatriate, - Please tell the readers what you would recommend the CPC to do with the unused Tanks which currently need an 'arm and a leg' spent on refurbishment! Let them rot or hand them over to LTTE?

Perhaps you might confirm, if you are a Concerned Sinhala or a LTTE Expatriate!

With a Lease or Rental Agreement, the Sri Lankan government can receive security by default, at no extra cost. Would you dispute that?

Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB) has the proven successful expertise to Sell and Manage an investment programme. To promote such a programme, one requires much more than expertise. Time, capable manpower and a great deal of funding to send teams of experts to potential investors, which Sri Lanka has not.

Having seen "investment missions" sent by Sri Lanka to Europe, one can say with confidence that most of the representatives of Sri Lanka do not do justice to the potential opportunities available in the adorable Island. These representatives are "Not Selling Sri Lanka Short". They are simply "NOT SELLING".

Hold on to your trousers or to your skirt, dear Sport. Do not rush into the other extreme! First read the content and try to understand the message. Without harping on the negative, give the readers some positive constructive thinking! I might be wrong. Then, please show us how to put it right!

The government is an "economic board", but right now, one sees what the previous economic board has done with the economy. A few amassed wealth but the majority of the ordinary Sri Lankans have suffered to the point of starvation. Transparency in government, is at a very low, to say the least.

Due to political shenanigans, any large enterprise operated by Sri Lankan management will be subjected to political interference. By giving such responsibility to an independent third party, well outside domestic politics, financial objectivity can be enforced. Would you dispute that?

May I ask the "Concerned Expatriate", are you concerned about the country or about a few who might lose out due to better transparent management?

By transferring responsibility into controllable profit centres, the government may reduce black spots in bureaucracy and increase efficiency.

If and when the peace has finally descended on Sri Lanka, the government will have their limits tested. Better roads, housing for the poor, irrigation for farmers, building schools and educational infrastructure, health care, electricity, infant mortality, the families of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives, the invalidated veterans, the aged, supporting exports the list is endless.

Acting "Like a Dog in the Manger" will not help.

With proper economic management, the government may be able to concentrate on better governance and have a contribution in inward funds to pay for its upkeep.

Did you mention e-Bay? Well worth thinking!

And thank you all for reading LankaWeb!


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