L. Jayasooriya

I thought that Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe's policy statement in parliament on January 22, 02 gave me a fine opportunity to say what I have been longing to say for years and years and years about the anti-national elements who have steadily strengthened their grip on the country since independence. So I wrote the letter reproduced below and sent it to the Daily News believing that they would publish it as it praises the establishment. I do not buy the Daily News but a few people known to me rang me up and told me that my letter praising Mr. Ranil wickramasinghe's patriotism has been published and they asked me why I wrote it.

I never saw the letter in print and I thought I have at long last been able to say what I have always wanted to say and I forgot about it with satisfaction until by chance I saw this particular letter in the internet yesterday []. Those who published my letter had used it to boost the image of the establishment by deleting the most important message that I wanted to convey thereby reducing me to the level of a gullible simpleton.

In the original letter reproduced below the title has been changed to "Prime Minister's Patriotism". That was OK by any standard but all what I have indicated in bold has been omitted. My original letter did not contain anything in bold. The bold letters are used only in what is reproduced below to highlight what has been removed.

So they made use of me and twisted the entire meaning by removing the text I thought they published. The readers can judge for themselves that what has been done is not editing but twisting the meaning making use of me.

Before closing this letter I like to remind the readers that a few days after the statement was made in the house the Prime Minister made a pledge to restore Anuradhapura to the days of the Singhalese kings. If the Singhalese Buddhists do not follow it up with the Prime Minister, please for goodness sake do not blame him. Blame ourselves.

Reproduced below is my original letter.


Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe's policy statement in parliament on the 22nd of January 2002 among other things stated "I would like to remind the House of a responsibility of this government. Improvements to the precincts of the Daladawa Maligawa, Sri Maha Bodhiya and the Maha Meuna Uyana have been a duty of the rulers from the Anuradhapura era. Our kings followed this practice. I will revive this historic task."

I cannot personally recall such an utterance of patriotism from any Prime Minister all the way back from 1948. This utterance gives me pleasure and joy in the face of many Singhalese in positions of power that determine the future of this country to whom everything that our Prime Minister has said in the above paragraph is utterly repulsive. To them Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and the great irrigation works of our Singhalese kings that are a marvel to modern engineers the world over are an embarrassment. They do not feel comfortable in this country as long as the heritage and culture of the Singhalese Buddhist remains. Therefore they spend their whole lives in trying to destroy that heritage and culture so that they could feel more comfortable here. They have done vast damage. Their activities are now being curbed and will finally be stopped altogether. If what is a source of pride for the Prime Minister of this country as a citizen of this country is very disagreeable to those Singhalese, they can bleach their skins white and leave this country. Our country has no need for them. I am sure that the Prime Minister would agree.

All the patriotic Singhalese would thank the Prime Minister for reviving this historic practice that restores the Singhalese back to their rightful place in this country. Now that the pace has been set all Singhalese Buddhist voters expect the Prime Ministers that follow to maintain this practice.


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