Prof. Hudson McLean

First of all to address a few of the Brickbats which dropped in with a host of Bouquets.

As long as one stays within the boundaries of the topic of discussion, a writer has to accept the opinions of the others. Such are the Pleasures and Pains of Freedom of Speech within Democracy!

Our most humble apologies to Mr. Paul Harris, who was simply doing his job, as a professional journalist. The RanilW government has failed to recognise this fact, mainly due to the influence of the LTTE/TTT..

But when things are slung at below the belt, one has to consider where the punch originated from. This comment is directed at both the Concerned Expatriate and Neville.

There is an old English saying that, “How should one react to the garbage man’s swearing slang with a throaty spit?” The answer is, “Simply ignore it”. Never stoop to give it a glance!

Just a few weeks before the Royal Canadian Mounted Police declared the illegal fund raising of LTTE/TTT in Canada, during the “Peace Discussions”, (which was released to the Press on the 8th November) we received a copy of the report from one of our contacts.

We decided to hold on to the report until the 7th November 2002 before we released our comments exclusively to Lanka Web -:

Prof. Hudson McLean (LankaWeb - 09/11/02)

At the same time, Mr. Harris, who happened to be the correspondent of the Daily Telegraph and Jane’s Weekly Review, was not granted an extension to his Resident Permit request. However we wish to point out that we have never had any contact with Mr. Paul Harris or received any information from him.

As pointed out in our above article, we wish to state once again that, the LTTE/TTT are actively purchasing a wide range of equipment, including weapons of mass destruction, other items such as mustard gas and other chemical weapons. This is during an on-going Peace Facade, in broad daylight.

Although the Sri Lankan Navy were rather “careless” in their search, the Police were able to locate the Claymore land mines hidden in this little boat. At the same time, as published in Indian newspapers, the Bangalore Police intercepted a large consignment of explosives being handled by LTTE/TTT for subsequent shipment to Sri Lanka.

If the LTTE/TTT are serious, why are they actively collecting funds and sourcing weapons for offensive military use?

With the public opening of Eelam Police Stations, Banks and illegal “Courts” in the North East and in the East, not only under the eyes of the UNF government but with the support and blessing of their official Government Agent, are major questions which the RanilW government should address.

We ask an open question - “Why is RanilW and his UNF government jointly participating in gross illegal activity with LTTE/TTT, instead of sending in a Task Force, to arrest the WANTED criminal with a 200 year old prison sentence, from his Wanniya jungle hide out?”

Is it because, if and when RanilW wins the next election, changes the Constitution, grants an Amnesty to all “war” criminals, in order to facilitate the appointment of Velupillai Prabhakaran as his First Vice President?

And, if by chance, the President succumbs to food poisoning, the First Vice President becomes the President. Then he may appoint Thamilchelvam as his Prime Minister. Then the name of the Island of Sri Lanka may be changed to perhaps, Sri Eelam, as a compromise.

As expressed in one of our previous articles, our other questions are-;

1: Is RanilW and his UNF government allowing the LTTE/TTT to build up and stockpile weapons in order to threaten and blackmail the Sri Lankan electorate with total annihilation, if RanilW and his UNF is not re-elected?

2: Is RanilW and his government fear that they would be relegated to an insignificant political history as a non-entity without the backing of the criminals and murderers?

3: What is the policy of the government of RanilW on judgment handed down to Velupillai Prabhakaran?

4: Has RanilW and his gang realised that this political peace with the LTTE/TTT is only a short term facade, an excuse to plan one of the largest single acts of terror the world has witnessed?

5: Is RanilW building up his “Fifth Column” with the support of LTTE/TTT?

The Norwegians are hoping and applying all the pressure on RanilW to grant an amnesty to all crimes committed by Velupillai Prabhakaran and his team of terrorists in LTTE/TTT, if and when he wins the next election.

Already plans are afoot that, if the UNF is returned with a handsome majority, with their LTTE/TTT Allies in the NE, will give the UNF the necessary power to change the Sri Lankan Constitution, in order to hand over whatever the LTTE wishes, on a silver platter.

Is this the “Begining of the End of the Road for the indigenous peace loving Sri Lankan public” carved out jointly by RanilW and Velupillai Prabhakaran?





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