Thamilchelvam's Preposterous Analogies Of LTTE With Quebec Separatists!

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LTTE's spokesperson cum terrorist aide Thamilchelvam has propounded a rather preposterous theory which coins the terrorist group LTTE in the same vein as the Quebec Separatist Movement In Eastern Canada and suggests a Referendum to decide Secession but in fact there are no analogies between the two Organisation nor the circumstances which demand separation.The only similarity if any could be attributed, is the fact that both demands are not Constitutionally recognized and headed nowhere! and there the similarity ends.

Canada is a Confederation of Provinces which are bound by the Statutes of the Founding Fathers of Confederation of which Quebec is a part of though Quebec has no jurisdiction towards unilateral Secession where a minority, The Quebecoise who are mainly of French Descent have labelled themselves a ' Distinct Society ' based on a singleminded reference by the former French President Charles De Gaulle in one of his satirical outbursts upon which their attempts to upstage the Federal Government have rested for the past few decades and compelled them to campaign rather futilely for secession. All past referendi in this direction have failed as the majority of Canadians and a greater proportion of French Canadians have vioced unequivocally their desire to keep Canada intact and thus it has remained and in all probabilities will.

In the case of the LTTE and unfortunately for the ambiguous ambitions of Mr. Thamilchelvam, they are not a part of the Ethnic and Socio- Economic Infrastructure of Sri Lanka as that title rightfully belongs to the Tamil Community who with the rest of the population are Governed by the Constitution of Sri Lanka which neither provides any concessions to a Terrorist Movement of heinous repute such as the LTTE nor does it state any conditions whereby the Majority Decisions of the Administration and the People of Sri Lanka have any obligations towards the LTTE in granting separation as they do not represent the Tamil Population as a whole but insignificant even if so.

In all wisdom the many sages and observers who have expressed doubts about the real intent of the LTTE, veiled behind subterfuge and trickery based upon weakening the resolve of the Sri Lankan Administration and its Armed Forces, where once again the danger of the re-commencement of their attrocities could be a more than likely eventuality and seems very plausible. Thamilchelvam's request since it points towards the single issue of secession more than confirms this and transforms the Peace Initiative into a mere bargaining tool combined with the assurance of their security and the transparency of his request should be more than visible to the seeing eye though in all likelihood may go unnoticed by the Administration.

It has to be pointed out however that the Canadian demands for separation are being made in a very tranquil land by a very tranquil group of French Canadians who are not terrorists and have broken no laws nor committed crimes against Humanity and the State and nonetheless the majority rules in preserving its Statutes, a Normal Order. and the Highest Principles of Democracy upheld at all timed. Do the LTTE and Mr. Thamilchelvam have a right to this claim?

Ironically Mr.Thamilchelvam has refered to the settlement of issues in a 'Civilized Manner' but where in Heaven's Name have the LTTE ever been civilized or respected the sacredness of human life, public and private property, religious sites and institutions in order to make this claim? If perhaps his proclamations included a de-commisioning of weapons, disbanding the LTTE Organization as an entity and denouncing their real demand for secession. presently hidden behind a smokescreen in a willingness to merge into mainstream Sri Lankan Society there may be hope for the end to all hostilities and an unprecedented beginning towards a compassionate merging between the oppresed communities but until then all the hollow theories , least of all those including analogies with Canada which in French is simply "Interdit' or prohibited and 'Sans Realite' or without reality and better off suppressed and substituted by contrition and a relenting of their wrongdoings rather than justifying them.


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