Defense Minister Marapone In A Coverup For The LTTE It Appears.

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The Defence Minister Thilak Marapone has not only been lying and creating innuendoes to deliberately mislead the International Community and Sri Lankans the world over, but he has also been attempting to misrepresent and coverup the real goings on in LTTE Territory, mind boggling as it seems and there may only be two options left for him,

1.) To set the record straight in his favour, being the more dignified option in tendering his resignation, or

2.) Be ignominiously kicked out of office, which might be the only alternative for the Prime Minister to save face due to indiscretions of an errant Defence Minister who has brought disrepute to his Cabinet.

It could only take a dim witted and puny minded individual such as Marapone to openly contradict someone such as the Hon. Mr. Ashley Willis, US Ambassador whose sources of information have been very substantial about surreptitious LTTE activities and have not been based on conjecture, speculation or idle gossip as Marapone implies.The idle nature of the dialogue which seems to be the case in recent times comes either from the UNP or its nexus the UNF who seemed to have mastered the art of subterfuge and charades to mislead the general public and the world at large gullible enough to believe in them.

That the LTTE are indulging in activities which would definitely undermine the Peace Process and the so called MoU has been researched and established beyond reasonable doubt relative to Arms Build Ups, Extortion, Child Recruitment and the rather clandestine voicings amongst their cohorts and sympathisers that they would never give up their quest for Eelam which has been found true in many of their recent manifestos and continued actions closely monitored by opposition parties and many security agencies within the country.

Sources such as Amnesty International, The Red Cross and the Security Forces also have provided confirmation which is the reason for the rather loud caution given by the USA to the LTTE and defended by Marapone (no pun intended!) yet for reasons unknown the Defence Minister while making irresponsible comments without a closer scrutiny at the facts and figures has indulged in a verbatim of falsehood echoed by none other then the LTTE denying all accusations thrown at them and in attempting to take on the US Ambassador has taken on an unsurmountable task which could more than likely make him the laughing stock of a discerning International Community of Sri Lankans around the world as his expressions towards covering up for the LTTE appear somewhat loosely ridiculous while the facts and figures behind the US Ambassador's rationale are rock solid in favour of his statement.

It could also bring on the increased wrath of the Sri Lankan People who have waited patiently and believed in the promises of the UNP, UNF nexus which is now showing early signs of cracks and the words and actions of the likes of Defence Minister Marapone through their very contradictary nature isn't helping the Nation's Progress towards peace and tantamounts to coverups for the LTTE with no plausible reasons attributable.



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