Press Conference dispels wild optimism


The over publicised profusely anticipated press conference of the terrorist leader has turned out to be another public declaration he makes once a year, but this time attended by journalists. As in the annual declarations, justification or contraction of their atrocities and crimes, accusation of Sri Lankan government as an oppressive regime, and the rights of the Tamils to live in their so-called homeland has been projected and accentuated through the press conference. It has dispelled claims by the gang of traitors in the government, alien vassal NGO hirelings and the so-called 'peace' bootlickers the genuineness and commitment of the terrorists for peace.

The statements made by both the terrorist leader and his prolocutor indicate that their prime objective is to get the international ban on the LTTE lifted. They have blamed that these bans were imposed because of a malicious campaign launched by the Sri Lankan government against their organisation, which they fancifully claim to be a liberation movement. They have demanded that Sri Lanka should lift the ban and amend the PTA Act if they are to attend the proposed talks to be held in Thailand.

Although the treacherous ruling clique still speak of positive signs of commitment to peace and solution in a unitary framework, the statements made and clarifications presented amply negate these wild elusions. Prabhakaran himself has firmly emphasized that the time has not come to give up the quest for a separate state. Expertly distorting the facts, he has pointed out that in the 1977 Election their people gave an overwhelming mandate that they need a separate Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka. This claim has no validity at all because in the entire Eastern province only 27% voted for TULF while 73% opposed them in the 1977 general election.

When queried as to what the LTTE required for a solution to be acceptable, the terrorist leader has said that there are three fundamentals, namely Tamil homeland, Tamil nationality and Tamil right to self-determination. Balasingham clarifying what they meant by self-determination has pointed out that it is the right of people to decide their own political destiny - it can also apply to autonomy and self governance." It is clearly evident that they do not want Sri Lankan govenrment to have any involvement or governance in the North and Eastern provinces which should be an exclusive territory under their governance. They only expect the modalities of this territorial arrangement to be discussed in Thailand. In no uncertain terms both Prabhakaran and Balasingham have stated that Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe is the Prime Minister of the people who elected him and he is not the Prime Minister of their people.

The astigmatic, ludicrous unlimited appeasement made by the government during the last four months without any commitment or reciprocation from the terrorist side has strengthened them politically, economically and militarily by many folds, which has decimated the gains they attained befooling President Premadasa. Unless immediate and concerted action was not taken by all opposition parties, patriotic forces, and religious dignitaries to check and reverse this colossal threat to the sovereignty, the hill country too will succumb to the grip of the terrorist octopus.


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