Tamil Nadu State Assembly is to pass a resolution next Tuesday urging the Indian Government to seek extradition of Rajiv Gandhi's murderer Prabhakaran. The resolution will also demand the Indian Government, if necessary to send a special task force to Vanni jungles to capture Prephakaran. Answering a question in the State Assembly on Friday, the Chief Minister Jayalalitha said Prabhakaran was declared offender by a designated court which conducted the Rajiv Gandhi assassination trial, and hence the Central Government of India should contact Sri Lankan auhorities to get extradition of Prabhakaran. She disclosed that she has already written to Indian Premier on this matter.

Jayalalitha, who is believed to be on top of LTTE's hit-list of Indians, said Prabhakaran is the chief of a dreaded terrorist organisation, and people in India would not accept criminal Prabhakaran moving around freely, posing as the leader of a mass movement. She has pointed out that LTTE was banned in India only after 'concrete evidence' stated that the organisation had infiltrated the country and was involved in unlawful activities. The ban had been welcomed by all peace loving people. The ban, which would come to an end on may 13, should be extended for two more years, she added. Mr. S R Balasubramanian, another legislator has said that 'traitors' should be brought to justice and that LTTE should not be allowed to get a foothold in the state He has welcomed Prime Minister Vajpayee's announcement that the ban on LTTE would not be lifted.

The Congress Party, India's main opposition party has also intensified its agitation for further extension of the ban and condemning the LTTE. The party in a statement has said that the LTTE "is a violent terrorist organisation and Prabhakaran, the architect of its violent policies."The statement adds,"The government dare not lift the ban. There is no case for the lifting of ban. There is just one case and that is for extradition and trial of Prabhakaran."

The spokesperson of the Indian Foreign Ministry, Mrs. Nirupama Roy, replying to newsmen in New Delhi on Friday evening about the extradition request has confirmed that there is no change in India's position about the need to extradite Prabhakaran to India. She has said that India has already made a written request to Sri Lanka in this regard.

Meanwhile, majority of Indians interviewed by newspapers following Prabhakaran's Kilinochchi press conference through which the terrorists tried to mesmerize world opinion has expressed condemnation for belittling the seriousness of the assassination of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as an act of the past.


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