East - The Panadora's Box and Prabhakaran's Waterloo


The terrorist gang that was expelled from Jaffna to the Wanni jungles in 1995 and failed to regain it despite continued armed struggle and encounters for the last six years, have effectively captured not only Jaffna but the whole Northern province without firing even a rubber bullet due to the treacherous terrorist appeasement and abdication of sovereignty policy pursued by the government for the last six months. The next step in their grand design was to consolidate their power in the Eastern Province with the blessings of the government accorded to them through the shameless sellout MOU, although nearly 60% of the population in the region is non-Tamils.

The recent brutality unleashed by the terrorists against the Muslims in the three Eastern Districts was the beginning of their effort to terrorise the non-Tamil population and repeat the ethnic cleansing of Non-Tamils carried out in the Northern Districts in the 1990. The clashes reportedly started with one Ranjan attached to the newly established LTTE office in Muttur unreasonably attacking a Muslim youth in the area. Treacherous Hakeem and Ameratunge who is adopting terrorist maneuvers to silence the opposition, stupidly blamed the patriotic elements for starting the troubles. The clashes left 12 dead (10 Muslims and 2 Tamils) and several hundred injured. Many shops and business establishments were torched. In the Valachchenai town alone where there are 40,000 Muslims against 24,000 Tamils, almost all the Muslim shops were burnt down. While the treacherous Ministers of the Colombo government (as it is being described by the terrorists) shamelessly absolved the terrorists for the mayhem, the terrorist websites blamed some unheard Muslim organisations for the troubles, in spite of clear evidence of their complicity in the brutality and the affected victims were Muslims.

The aftermath of the troubles has exposed many paper tigers and given many lessons to learn, including the following.

Some mushroom characters calling themselves as Muslim dignitaries have met the Prime Minister of the impotent government and is reported to have obtained an assurance on the safety of the Muslims in the East. How can a person who has shamelessly betrayed his own community to a gang that has desecrated the two most holy places of worship of his community, brutally killed several hundred Buddhist priests, massacred his own President, his own National Security Minister and several other Ministers, (Presidential candidate not included for known reasons) several thousand innocent villagers, commuters, pedestrians, women and children just because they were Sinhalese, could assure safety to Muslims. How can one expect him to go against the gang that extensively financed to install him in power.

The terrorist gang and their mentors from the time of Ponnambalam Ramanathan of the State Assembly era had always worked to harm, undermine, victimise and deprive the Muslim community. The terrorist gang has revolutionised these anti-Muslim deeds by resorting to brutal massacres. In 1988 following negotiations held in Madras with a Muslim delegation including former Education Minsiter Dr. Badi-ud-din Mahmoud the then strongman of the terrorists Kittu signed a non-confrontational and cooperation agreement. Even before the ink of this agreement dried massacre of Muslims in the East started with the massacre of 16 Muslims and 8 Sinhalese in Kantalai. Several hundred periodic massacres that followed, and the total expulsion of Muslims from the 5 Northern Districts was testimony to the record of honouring agreements by the terrorist gang. The political minion Hakeem's flattery about his Buriyani Agreement with megalamaniac terrorist leader Prabhakaran has become stillborn in Valachchenai and Tamilchelvam has buried it publicly announcing that Hakeem's Muslim Congress is not the sole representative of the Muslims.

Ministers M.H.Mohamed and Cader who were blind for the last six months to the adverse effects of the MOU towards Muslims and Sinhalese have suddenly aroused from their deep slumber to capitalise on the misery of the aggrieved Muslims in the Valachchenai etc, and had shamelessly crawled to Tamilchelvam and helped him to drive a wedge among the Muslims in the East for and against the Muslim Congress, although it is an undesired political party in the Sri Lankan context. Mr. Fowzie seems to be still engulfed in his fancied national government dream.

The August clashes in the East is only the tip of the iceburg of the danger awaiting for the non-Tamil population in the three districts who form the majority, against the Tamil minorioty. The extensive agitation and protest campaign being carried out by the terrorists for the removal of security posts and army camps in the region is the first move to clear the ground for unleashing their brutality against this majority non-Tamil population. Joint and extensive efforts should be made by the two communities led by Parliamentarians and religious dignitaries to demand the government to re-establish the 200 odd security posts and army camps already dismantled, establish additional security posts to provide adequate security to Sinhala and Muslim villages, train and arm homeguards for protection of Sinhala and Muslim villages, and annul and amend all clauses in the MOU adverse implicitly or explicitly to the safety and security of the non-Tamil population, totally abrogate or introduce new clauses to the MOU to safeguard the non-Tamil population from extortion, non-governmental illegal taxation, policing, restrictions on vocations, guarantee unhindered free movement, seettlement etc.


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