The Illusory discriminations and deliberate distortions.


In the article "Peace Talks and non-Tamil community rights" Lankaweb 12.09.02, the writer has taken much pain to present a distorted picture to justify the brutal crimes of the terrorists, blame the Muslims for not helping them in their brutality and condemn the Sinhala community as oppressors and chauvinists. It seems that the writer Mr.Manoharan has deliberately and consciously avoided the past history and suddenly sprouted from the Sinhala Language Act period stating that it was the turning point in the life of Sri Lanka, and every nagging grievance of the Tamil community got aggravated from that day onwards.

Sinhalese amounts to 78% of the population of this country and it is natural for them to aspire to have their rightful and due share in the affairs of the country after being suppressed and enslaved by the Portuguese, Dutch and Britishers, from 1505 to 1948 for nearly five hundred years, in the "Dark Age" of this nation. I need not mention here who were the beneficiaries of this Dark Epoch. Employment statistics at major Government Departments such as Income Tax, Railways, Public Works, Treasury, Ports and Customs, Survey, Health etc, at the time the Britishers left bear witness to the facts.

He says that unlike their leadership, the Sinhalese (inappropriately alleging them as chauvinists) had their blueprint laid out to confiscate Tamil Eelam when the British colonialists were preparing to leave. Even a casual glance at events surrounding the British departure reveals this was the time that the Tamil dogmatists and extremists, distressed and dismayed over the possibility of having to relinquish their undue and unwarranted influence and grip in the affairs of the State and governance sowed the seeds of separatism and disunity. Malaysian born Chelvanayagam is the greatest chauvinist to live in this country who advocated as early as in the 1940s for separate rule for Tamils if and when Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is to be granted independence. The term Tamil Eelam is only an illusory term that gained credence among the terrorists and Tamil extremists after the infamous 1976 Vaddukkodai resolution authored by Chelvanayagam. There is no reference to this illusory terrorland in the Bandaranaike-Chelvanayagam Pact or in the Dudley-Chelvanayagam Pact.

Mr. Manoharan makes the customary but erroneous complain of discrimination being mouthed by the terrorists and their cronies, and says that Muslims by their non-coorporation with the Tamils had been amply rewarded by the Sinhala regimes. Muslims have always taken the right path of respecting the majority aspirations and their rights, and the Sinhala/Muslim amity in this nation exists from the 7th Century A.D.onwards.. Historical records show that Muslims even acted as emissaries and advisors to many Sinhala Kings, who even rewarded them by marrying them to noble Sinhala ladies. The present Muslims in the East are not immigrants but people with kinship to the Sinhalese. They were settled in the East by the Sinhala Kings from coastal areas such as Galle, Beruwela, Colombo and Puttalam. Unfortunately, the Sri Lankan Muslim community presently lacks noble personalities and the sycophants who now race to voice claim for leadership are only a bunch of selfish flunkeys who are capable of betraying the community interests in particular and nation's interests in general at any moment to anyone for personal gains, and it is pertinent and fitting not to waste valuable space for writing about them.

There are 55 million Tamils in India, 18% of the population in Malaysia is Tamil. In Fiji the Tamil population amounts to 19% of the population. There are sizeable Tamil populations in Mauritius, South Africa and many other countries. But in none of these countries they claim for separate rule and will never be tolerated to raise such stupid claims. Tamils in Sri Lanka enjoy more rights and priviledges than those enjoyed by their bretheren in Tamil Nadu. Despite Mr. G.G.Ponnambalam's demand for 50-50 share for the Tamil minority, the so-called Sinhala discriminators appointed him as a Minister in the first Sri Lankan cabinet. It is indeed an utter discrimination that the so-called Sinhala chauvinists established Sri Lanka's maiden industrial projects, KKS Cement Factory, Valachchenai Paper Factory, Puttalam Cement Factory etc in Tamil populated areas neglecting the backward areas such as Hambantota, Moneragala districts and electorates such as Deniyaya, Akuressa, Kamburupitiya, Hakmana to specify a few.

Contrary to the claims of discrimination, the Sri Lankan governments and the law-makers had been very lenient to the Tamils. The electoral system is excessively favourable to Tamil representation. In the five Districts in the North and the three Districts in the East, allocation of seats have been made enabling the Tamils to get their representatives elected with a handful of votes whereas in the other Districts a representative requires a substantially higher number of votes to get elected. The 2001 General Election results show that TNA was polled 348,164 votes (3.89%) which entitled them 15 Seats. EPDP was polled only 72,783 (0.8%) which secured them 2 Seats. Total 420,947 votes to get 17 members elected. JVP which was polled almost double this amount, 815,353 votes (9.10%) were able to get only 16 MPs. Who has discriminated whom? Sinhalese and Muslims in Colombo have elected Tamils more than once as the Mayor of Colombo. Will the Tamils ever elect a Sinhalese as a Municipal Council member of Jaffna, let alone the post of Mayor?

Were it the Sinhalese or their companions Muslims who were discriminating the people who are branded as low-caste Tamils who constitute over 15% of the Tamil population? They worship the same idols you consider as your own Gods, but why they are not allowed to enter many of the Temples. Upto 1958 these poor creatures were not allowed to enter even a tea-shop. Until recent times education was taboo for their children. Legal directives had to be enforced to allow their children who managed to attend schools to sit on the benches instead of sitting on the floor. Historical records reveal that when this directive was issued the Tamil society who call themselves 'high-caste Tamils' burnt down 13 schools instead of admitting these children.

Merely because an unpatriotic treacherous group is at the helm of power no one should expect to get this nation sliced to pieces. People's uprising against the division of this country and driving it into the 2nd Dark Age of history will be an inevitable reality. Recent events in Romania, the Philippines, and Argentine have proved that the strength of people's will and power cannot be defeated by modern weaponry.


Manoharan (LankaWeb - 12/09/02)





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