President Should Go All Out To Get Ranil If Allegations True !

Gemunu Kumara "Saman Uyana "

There have been allegations by the President that the Prime Minister has tried strong arm tactics with her including threats of assasination and if they can be corroborated and proven then he deserves to be indicted regardless of his status as the very serious accusations arrogantly brushed off by Wickremasinghe are of a vicious nature against a Head of State who is also the Commander In Chief Of the Armed Forces, so Mr. Wickremasinghe had better proceed with great caution as there are also a few ghosts of the Batalande Massacre of Innocents during a previous regime which have not completely dissapeared as being part of his doing albeit much shoving under the carpet of many details pointing to his involvement.

The President has accused the Premier of carrying a gun and threatening to kill her and considering the integrity of the President as opposed to the thuggish mentality of many of RaWicks' cohorts including himself there appears to be a need for an immediate investigation into the realities of the accusations and if necessary the accused disarmed of weapons as there are ample sources of protection for him with little need for weapons in his possession.
It can be surmised as plausible that these accusations have been made as the agitation within the country against the loopholes in the Peace Process spearheaded by the President has been mounting steadily and it is being theorized by many analysts that Ranil Wickremasinghe will try to hold onto power with what he perceives as help from his now amicable Tiger buddies and must be disposed of for the good of the country and its capacity to remain unitary if there is a semblance of truth to the accusations by the President who also has the capacity to dissolve Parliament and if necessary apprehend anyone issuing death threats on her.

The Wickremasinghe Bandwagon as of late has taken too many liberties and too much for granted that the Nastion is behind it completely regardless of whether some of the activities border on criminality or not and it is now upto the President to take immediate steps to assert her authority fearles of the UNF Goondas who may be waving their intimidatory sabres with what they feel falsely as their bounden right and one with impunity being the party in governance.

The Prime Minister's Office has nonchalantly brushed aside the allegations attributing them to be mere rumors and wild allegations but there have been many incidents of high handed UNF activity for sometime now throught the land which may be pointers towards the credibility of the President's accusations and its really upto her to excercise her full powers to bring those accused if provable, to justice for what tantamounts to high treason.The graphic details of the accusations being illustrated as the Prime Minister saying,which by no means seems tongue in cheek to the President that " We will kill your people and throw your security guards in jail " and does not seem idle chatter by an irresponsible President who has sworn to the truth before what is sacred to her convictions and beliefs and conveyed to the Nation on Public Television her concerns. It rather sounds like 'an irate uncle berating threateningly a wayward neice' if the pun is permissable but with far greater intent where the neice is far from being wayward which better fits the uncle!

President Kumaratunga, who was elected in a separate poll and remains president until 2005, has the constitutional power to sack Wickremesinghe and his legislature at any time without offering an explanationand .Wickremasinghe should tread lightly rather than appear cock a hoop in his parleying with the double indemnity of collaborating with terrorists and now the issuing of threats against the President who just might decide to go all out to get him through the powers constitutionally vested in her !


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