Dear Editor,

I refer to the following news item - News in Island 12/3/02 "Tigers in sheep clothing "Meanwhile, it is reported that Anton Balasingham , the LTTE spokesman, who should be charged for the mass slaughter of about 700 policemen in the Eastern Province, is to pass through Colombo to the Wanni in connection with talks on the ceasefire. Let Mr. Ranil Wikcremasinghe refresh his mind. There are citizens of this country who want Balasingham tried as a war criminal for the mass murder of the 700 policemen."

And I would not be surprised if the next news item will be, "Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe is holding a welcome tea party to Mr Anton Balasingham who is to pass through Colombo to Wanni"..and, "Mr Balashingham given full security by the Govt"..

There are no words to express the feelings of peace loving Sri Lankans now in utter frustration watching the "MoU signing and peace ushering" of the UNF government. Apparently there is no National Pride or Love for true Sri Lankan culture and its future in the minds of Ranil Wickramasinghe and his peace group. Colombo educated, and brought up in the so-called aristocratic family circles - this PM is nowhere near the heart and soul of the mass population of Sri Lanka. He is surrounded by his power: 'the business groups of Colombo' who spells nothing but money and growth of money. It is also apparent that PM Wickramasinghe and his cabinet peace group have had considerable long term planning and understandings with the Terrorist LTTE which came as a surprised to most of us. This is sheer embezzlement of the trust placed by voters whose only wish was a secure future.

Mapa M. UK



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