By Prof: Hudson McLean

The LTTE watchers have noted that the Top Cat VP made a "dogs dinner" out of the long awaited Press Conference, with the "Spin" gone into a Tail Spin.

The mortal fear, which is understandable, when it was rumoured that India had urged the Interpol to send a snatch squad to give the maximum impact at the Press Conference. There was also one story of several Indian Commandos masquerading as scribes planning to place homing devices. Hence the nervousness of the Tiger goons.

Fireworks, would have certainly grabbed the international headlines!

Having enjoyed self-incacerated in Wanni for so long, without any objective and intelligent dialogue, surrounded by a group of "Yes - cats", no wonder the "wonder boy" was totally out of his depth.

Using Tamil language as a staller to mark for time, did not help (whatever image VP was trying to project) the image either. The incumbent President and Prime Minister was acting like a puppet with Dr. Anton "Brains" Balasingham pulling all the strings.

LTTE message was loud and clear, understood by all. LTTE has neither changed its stripes nor its growl. That was no surprise. Any one who trusts LTTE should have his head tested.

BBCWorld TV gave a ten second flash whilst the Financial Times editorial was more or less a dignified ultimatum from the Big Brother, "Behave or Else!".

The views expressed by TamilNadu must exert a certain degree of pressure, on both the LTTE and Ranil W since Jayalalitha is playing to the mass Indian audience, within her own domain.

The Indian government has also shown Sri Lanka that the Indians do not give a "hoot" to the "self glorification" placed on himself by the ailing Dr. Anton Balasingham. He is neither Head of State-in-Waiting nor VVIP to deserve "jet in through the side door" special status. No where near a world class Statesman such as Dr. Henry Kissinger. Private medical sea plane financed by the Norwegians cut no ice with the Indians.

Before Ranil W. jumps in with his arms out to greet the terrorist's Bus Service, the PM should instruct the Sri Lanka Customs & Excise to investigate how and when all the vehicles operated by LTTE arrived on the Sri Lankan soil. Specially the white LTTE "Police" scooters.

If they were smuggled into the Island, the Customs law must be applied fairly and squarely, the property MUST be impounded.

Ranil W. is extending his hand of friendship way beyond basic legal and moral considerations, possibly at the expense of the Sinhala electorate. He must realise that he will not receive "any change" from the LTTE terrorists once they consolidate their power base within Sri Lanka.

As expressed in a letter which I received today, "The LTTE are pulling out all stops to take over the Media through the major Tamil owned business organizations in Colombo".

The LTTE "fifth column" has been maintaining a "sleeper" position for the last two decades. The top Tamil businessmen have supported, openly and covertly, the LTTE, by free choice. They have drawn the blood, sweat and tears from the Sinhala consumer to feed the Tamil cause. They have always held, the "double headed" coin, "Heads I win, Tails you lose" philosophy.

Ranil W. should realise that there is a limit to generocity and tact. The LTTE demands have been unfair from the start, to say the least. It would be comparable to, if the remnants of the British or Dutch or Portuguese suddenly decided to demand Sovereignity of their own independent State on Sri Lankan soil. No "Can Do!".

Let LTTE try this demand on the Norwegian, British, Canadian, Australian, Malaysian or Singaporean government, where there is a substantial Tamil population, to see the fireworks. Ranil W must demonstrate that he can be a nice bloke and, if and when the going gets tough, the tough (side of Ranil W) can get going.

Which ever party PA or UNF controls Sri Lanka in the future, the government will certainly bend over backwards to give a fair deal to its Tamil citizens. It will be most likely at the expense of its own Sinhala electorate, to satisfy the Tamil demands. Tamils are fully aware of this and they are likely to push for more and more..........

The timing is perfect for the government to act, Firm and Fair. The policy should be on the table for all its citizens and the world to see. Whilst some minor adjustments may be tolerable but on acts of Sovereignity and any Intrusions into such areas as demarcations, must not and cannot be tolerated.

Ranil W should move in and close the deal (Sri Lanka remains, as is), Firm, Fair and Fast!

On a personal note to Mr. R. Chandrasoma-; Sir, may I politely and humbly state that I do not wish to comment further on any religious issues, either in Sri Lanka or elsewhere. In my opinion, religious belief is the prerogative of an individual's conscience and it should be left at that. Buddhism, as I understand, is a non-violent peaceful and a beautiful philosophy and as a practising Christian, I hold the greatest respect for the Buddhist religion and her followers.

The Sinhala peoples should respect each other's beliefs and learn to live in harmony. I agree with your comment that "Christianity is and has been trying to convert followers of other Doctrines", but if one's conviction is more than skin deep, the Evangelists will fail. Expression of your concern as a Buddhist is your democratic right. As you will note that, whilst there are hundreds of other Faiths, Buddhism has survived over the past 2500 years.

Regarding your comment on Mr. S.L.Gunesekera the former leader of Sihala Urumaya, I salute him for his noble, dedicated sense of patriotism.


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