All Sinhala elites since 1948 are soulless and guilty of high treason against their own people

It is greatly distressing, though not surprising, that the current self-hating Sinhalese regime of Sri Lanka is so kissing up to the butchers of the LTTE. All Sri Lankan governments have been traitorous and wholly unconcerned with the lives of Sinhalese citizens. It does not matter whether the SLFP/PA or UNP is in power; all Sinhala elites since 1948 are soulless and guilty of high treason against their own people. Tamils want a Holocaust against all Sinhalese, and Ranil and Chandrika have looked the other way.

The Sri Lankan government has never used anywhere near adequate force to deal with the genocidal LTTE menace which seeks to push all Sinhalese into the sea and even ally with Tamil-Nadu extremists with Pakistan to annihilate the peaceful Sanskritic Hindus of India. They DID, however, not hold back in the least against JVP Buddhist patriots, where whole families were burned alive by government troops. The Sri Lankan millitary/air force could liquidate Prabakaran in his compound once and for all, but refuses to in the name of "peacemaking" and "diplomacy". This is exactly parallel to the perverse inaction of the obese tyrant Sharon of Israel, who continues to crush right-wing Kahanist dissidents with an iron fist but meanwhile holds negotiations with the monster Arafat.

Speaking of Arafat, the reason why the Muslim world is silent on the subject of alleged LTTE oppression of Muslims is because LTTE and World Islam are on the same side! When the warlike Arab traders came to India at the end of the first millenium, they sought to vanquish peaceful Indian Hindus and Buddhists, but they developed quite a rapport with the "Hindus" of south India. The already-militant Chola empire embraced the message of Islam, and even if they did not outright convert, they allowed their practice of Hinduism to absorb Koranic teachings. You know full well that Eelamists and Nadu extremists hate north Indian Hindus. Muslims and South Indians got along so well that Tamil and Arabic mixed and Tamil became the universal language of non-Sanskritic peoples in the region, regardless of religion, as we know. So, the Muslim/LTTE strife is something that can be overlooked in the eyes of Bin Laden, King Abdullah, etc. because it is small potatoes in comparison to the greater terror alliance. It is fact that the LTTE has alliances with the PLO and al-Qaida.

On the subject of Christians, yes, I know there is a global "Christian" conspiracy (WCC, etc) against the Sinhalese, Serbs and Jews, that is actually backed by the multinational conglomerates of the "New World Order", but let me tell you right now, as a born-again believer, that true followers of Jesus Christ in the West recognize that the Sinhala cause-and the Israeli cause-are right. I understand and totally sympathize with Sinhalese observations on this website of the terrible things "Christians", the likes of Billy Graham, are doing to this ancient nation, and I just have to say that the people who are doing this are not true believers. A true man/woman of God does not want to exploit a peace-loving Third World people. A true man/woman of God does not support terrorists or urge populations to commit national suicide. I just want you to be clarified here, and to know that you really do have some friends.

The nations of Sri Lanka, Israel, and Serbia must remain steadfast against the mass slaughter perpetrated with the complicity of Germany, Britain, Norway, and the United States. I can't begin to say how much I loathe my own president's Sri Lanka and Israel policy-requesting that Prabakaran and Arafat stop the terror, while demanding that Lankan and Israeli defense forces cease all action. My prayers are with the Sinhala nation because I am convinced that only God can save such a direly threatened and poor small state.


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