About Time The President Confronted Her Adversaries.

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Its about time the President confronted her adversaries (the Prime Minister and his UNP led UNF banding together with the LTTE) to assert her authority as she has been taking everything thrown at her by way of insults and accusations from the minnows of the Administration hell bent on protracting further chaos within the Nation in blindly forging ahead with a severely flawed Peace Process which has no set PRECONDITIONS TOWARDS THE SECURITY AND UNITARITY OF SRI LANKA and on these grounds alone the powers vested in her by the Constitution should be exercised to rout the hounds of the UNP regardless of the paranoia which may cause some to think it unwise.She should strike swiftly and effectively ere its too late! There would be nothing draconian in such a measure provided the Nation rallies round her and her caucases stand by her unfettered and undivided.The UNF concept of Peace being projected through their being subjugated by the LTTE could very well be 'Fool's Gold' and mythical and could lead to the non existence of the Sinhala Nation.It is fast becoming obvious that what the UNP is trying to protect are not the best interests of the Nation as much as their hides and their vested interests as otherwise which patriotic minded individual or groups of individuals would ever consider betraying the Sinhala Nation to its enemies in an almost pre-meditated manner and now appearing more determined than ever to reach their goals at any cost, so the President would be morally obligated to respond to the cause of preserving the Nation with no qualms whatsoever in doing so.

The last remaining bastion of security for the Sinhala Nation now very definitely seems to be Presidential Protection and the sooner she acts on its behalf the better would be the chances of disposing the combined forces of the UNP / LTTE front which seem to be a visible threat to many areas of Administration as well as National Security and perhaps eventually even the freedom of the individual. If the Presidential hold on the Legislature is lost through some unforeseen stroke of misfortune or premeditated skullduggery by the UNP, all would be lost for the real inheritors of the land The Sinhalese who have fought for thousands of years towards self preservation.The President in rejecting the Peace Process categorically and indicating her disapproval of the direction in which the UNF is headed has sounded a warning signal to its caucases that she is still in charge regardless of the rhetoric of Prof G.L Peiris, Tyrone Fernando, Tilak Marapone, S.B Dissanayake, Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene and Rauf Hakeem who are basically the ringleaders of the bad blood created against her and it would seem foolhardy to confront her in a situation where her actions would be an end to justify all means towards preserving the Sinhala Nation. If the UNP think they have the Presidency coralled they must surely be delusioned to the point of irrationality where dreams and fantasies are superimposed upon the reality of what's best for the Nation.

Certainly not through the handing over of its heartland and lifeblood to a group of criminally labelled terrorists who have never relented for their crimes against humanitySad would be the day the jackals hounding her have their way as it may in all likelihood be a mortal blow to the Sinhala Race as the world knows it and the sooner her supporters rally round her the better and scoff at suggestions by the paltry ulterior motived UNPers about 'conscience votes' from opposition partiy members( and be it on their consciences if they ever betray the Nation and its President) or ever be coerced by the lies and innuendos thrown at them to gather a two third majority in Parliament against her.They would be labelled the Pariahs or outcasts who may have projected the ultimate doom should they be fooled into believing the fairy tales of the Wickremasinghe Administrations and in so doing lose their own hides in the bargain.

The Nation is being shamelessly hoodwinked by Ranil Wickremasinghe and his cronies that they have devised the 'Master Plan For Eternal Peace' without realising that 'Eternal Peace' is something wished upon the dear departed and departed will be the Sinhala Race if the present trend of betrayal continues so let the President restore the rights due to them through years of turmoil and suffereing and effectively dispose of the hyenas which include the LTTE in collaboration with the UNP in all their attempts to tear the Nation apart! It is hoped that the voting public have at long last learned their lesson and not accept everything lustrous in appearance as being the noble metal.

The recent representations of support for the UNP in their Rally,organized and orchestrated as a turnout for Peace must be made known to the general public as bogus and a massive hoax as the crowds were brought down from the plantation districts in convoys of buses and trucks where once again their bluff needs to be called as no self respecting patriotic Sri Lankan with any conscience would ever have ventured to condone the handing over of their birthright to the dregs of ancient Dravidian invaders and imported labour which is what the basic semantics of the Peace Process has now turned out to be.






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