Undeniable Facts about Sri Lanka and its communities


Further to Mr.Nissanka and Mr.Nizzam's comments dated 13/09/2002 on Lanka Web about Sri Lankan Tamils I wish to furnish the following undeniable facts about the communities in Sri Lanka.

Lot of efforts have been made by these two writers to emphasis that Tamils in Sri Lanka / North and East are criminals, they do not belong to Sri Lanka, with British influence they were holding all the top posts after Independence, they were discriminating their own community / other communities. Let me ask these two to confirm whether the other communities (other than Tamils) in Sri Lanka all are saints if so the country would have not been lead to a situation with an empty Treasury for the next few decades.First of all having all resources they could not conduct the war properly, instead every body made billions out of the poor man's child's death (SLA Soldier) and tax money. The evidence have just started to come out. Also they should remember that if not for the peace talks, we in Sri Lanka very soon be another Somalia or Sudan by continuing the war with the false patriotism ensuring the enhancement of wealth for corrupted politicians, Top military personal and Arms dealers in all communities. This has made the lankan brains to start the peace talks and not the sympathy on Tamils.

Also they remember all deaths about the non Tamil Communities for the past several years, I wish they should also remember that innocent Tamils also (branded as Tigers) got killed in hundreds, in some places in thousands. Let me remind them some Navali St.Peter's Church, Chella Sanathi Temple, Chavakachcheri Town, Kilinochi School, Thoppigala massacre, Chemmani massacre, Amparai massacre and there are at least 100 more to add to this list during the past 20 years. The Crown for it was the 1983 riots conducted by J.R !!! So the Tamils indulged in reactive violence with various brand names such as PLOTE, EPRLF, LTTE, TELO etc and the other communities in Sri Lanka got affected. In any country when you try to kill a community the killing community should expect the same for fate for themselves (Let it be anybody human killing has been stopped by MOU in Sri Lanka since Feb 2002) It is a grate achievement to Ranil and all Gods will bless him unlike others in the name of safe guarding the country ensuring others death and making billions from a safe place. While agreeing the suffering of Muslims in the east I wish to remind Mr.Nissanka the incidence which happened in Mawanalle few months back to cripple the Muslims economically and burning several places meant for worship,during last elections several muslims were killed by a minister / his sons. Also It is happening in Matara (Mr.Nizzam should be aware better than myself) Kandy, Matale etc. With regard to the Sinhalese every other person in Sri Lanka knows (recently all the media have stated it in Black and white) that JVP (violence) was the cause for more deaths of Sinhalese than caused by the reactive violence of Tamils.

It was sated that Tamils were holding all the top posts in the Government. It is an undeniable fact in terms of Education (in Sri Lanka and India) no other community can maintain the ratio of Professionals in terms of the respective community individual count. As a small evidence I wish to quote all London based (Engineering, Medicine, Accounting, Management etc) Professional Institute Results Publications. This remains a fact in performance as well. Discontinuation of merit basis entrance for universities (district basis, higher marks a must for Tamils etc a victim myself not sitting for my A/L exam in Matara or Monaragala to be Doctor today with the same marks I got for A/L) was the turning point in the history of Tamil youth. If they would have been given the opportunity to develop their carrier on merit basis there wouldn't have been such a big team with strips in North and East, every body in Sri Lanka now concerned. Also I wish to remind since we got independence why the Lankan leaders wants Tamils to handle their critical issues eg: Ramanathan (to fight the british in U.K courts on behalf of the Sinhalese harassed and on his winning return his horse carriage horses were removed and carriage towed by the benefited people), Ponnambalam, Thiruchelvam, All the lingams of JR / Premadasa, and a Kadirgamar for the current president etc. All these people should have been sent out by the respective governments. Even now millions of tax payers money being spent on a Tamil individual because he was the ex foreign minister !! Also the previous government spent over Rs.35 Million a month, on Douglas Devanada (A Tamil Criminal) to retain his seven seats in parliment to support the government. I think these are the people referred by yourself considered to be maximum benefitted Tamils ????

I wish to remind Mr.Nissanka and Mr.Nizzam that in the past Lanka has also been ruled by Diravidian (Tamil) Kings and in fact the last Kandian King was a Dravidian - a Tamil !! So that please do not try to prove that the Lankan Tamils are Aliens!!! Remember Sri Lanka is not a sole property of any community as stated by some politicians and monks for their personal gains and people are not fools to accept this concept. So let us share the available resources depending on the individual community needs live in a peaceful Sri Lanka and ensure it to be better than Singapore very soon, Instead of shouting from the roof that Tamils are the cause for all the trouble in Sri Lanka. let us say all communities are equally responsible for the current situation and not pass on the same for the next generation.

The vegetarian Tigers (at the moment) are saying to the Fawns not to instigate and write for the sake of writing about Tamils in Sri Lanka.






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