The Breakaway Muslim MPs Are A Stoic Representation Of Integrity Towards Their Community And Country Unlike Renegade Hakeem.

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The Sentiments of a true turncoat, panderer and a two faced betrayer of principles involving integrity as his true colours emerge, he is now on his knees to the SLMC afraid not only for the security of his UNF but also for his own political future. Indeed it is the Honorable (if he knows the meaning of honor that is!) Rauff Hakeem being looked at with derision by his own Community who through his bungling has told reporters that his Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has been divided over the Eastern Province issue and it was necessary for those 'rebel' Members of Parliament who possess the deciding power of the Government with a slim majority to use their power quite responsibly.

Now! if memory holds good one wonders to whom who the term' rebel' and 'betrayer ' is more applicable, and whether or not this is a strange retribution for his political misdeeds together with the turncoats who upended the previous regime? The advice to exercise responsibility to the 'rebel' MPs appears to have been extended by an individual who knows what double standards are through his own, as the stability of the Wickremasinghe Administration hangs in the balance.

Having openly entered into a very questionable and opportunistic understanding with the LTTE, Hakeem has had the affront to proclaim that he is the sole representative of the Muslim Community as is Prabhakaran for the LTTE , who incidentally has also assumed the same guise and in his definition is the sole representatives of the Tamil Community which not only the Sri Lankan Nation but the World At Large know is a blatant fabrication with hardly a semblance of the truth.There have been open contradictions of this proclamation by many Tamile Groups very recently!

Resorting to 'eating crow' and 'stooping low' synonymously as the expression goes and bastardizing every aspect of personal integrity in an almost apathetic entreaty to the Muslim Ministers who have decided to reverse their affiliations with the UNF his conclusion that quote "the Muslims did not need a separate administrative unit if the Tigers were granted an interim administration for the merged provinces of the North and the East" end quote, proves beyond reasonable doubt the credibilities of the man and how low he is prepared to stoop to gain his own ends with rank disregard to his identity as a Muslim himself. Finally the ever dubious Hakeem appears to have shown his true colours!

The differences of opinion between the Muslim Members of Parliament and Rauf Hakeem has arisen as a direct result of their opposing a separate interim administration which would incorporate both the North and North East as a singly controlled unit by the LTTE as supported by Rauf Hakeem which suggests underhand dealings with the LTTE and an act of betrayal and the stand taken by the Ministers thereby very justifiable taking into consideration the headcount of the Muslim Community in the North East and the related insecurities which would be a normal order if controlled by the LTTE! a fact which has been proven in no uncertain terms!

There would likely be an unshakeable unity between the breakaway Muslim MPs and the other Muslim Group thus reconciled in Parliament led by the charismatic Mrs Ferial Ashroff whose allegiance to the President and the PA are well known and a possible contributing factor to the eventual demise of Wickremasinghe and the Peace Process which appears to be the greatest phobia confronting the Administration and the reprisals intertwined with the credibilities of the Peace Process itself which weighs heavily in favour of the LTTE and looking raggedy and circumspect while circumventing core issues vital to the Sinhala Nation.

In a final objective evaluation, the MPs who have decided to oppose the UNF Administration in standing up for the rights of the Muslim Community rather than betray them into the hands of the LTTE who have never detracted from intimidating them, killing them and walking all over their rights as a Community in the North and North East,it must be stressed that they should never be swayed by the innuendos and fabricated idealogies which Rauff Hakeem is more than likely to present them with in order to win back their confidences.

They have chosen a virtuous and just path towards self preservation and a noble one which would contribute also to the fortification of the Sinhala Nation and its President who has always shown magnanimity and graciousness towards their needs and must stand firm in their realization that their security together with that of the Nation is imperiled by the covert advances being attempted by the LTTE towards their own goals through their devious methods and that Rauf Hakeem could very well be a cog in the wheel of their motivations.

This new surge of SLMC MPs are a stoic representation of integrity towards their own Community and the Nation unlike renegade Hakeem and something the Nation must be thankful for.






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