Thailand Talks will lead Sri Lanka to its 2nd Dark Age.


The tiger terrorists in their aggression against Sri Lanka for nearly two decades lost more than 17,500 forces upto end of 2001. Lack of recruiting grounds reduced their forces to a mere 2000 odd armed personnel. Growing international isolation with proscription from more and more countries threatened their operation and fund collections abroad. Compound with these adversities the post September 11 scenario of international envy towards organisations known as terrorist outfits compelled them to change their strategy and adopt a monastic posture.

The general election of 2001 gave them a golden opportunity to invest their resources to reap a return that they failed to achieve through nearly 20 years of fighting. Prior to the election UNP's American Haamu Moragoda and British terrorist Balasingham met in London and finalised the programme on the election strategy and the post election rawarding of the terrorists in gratification.

The strategy worked very well with UNP obtaining a lead in the election with the help of the Estate and other minority votes. Then started the phase of rewards with the signing of the MOU and the government conceding to each and every demand put forward by the terrorists, including the removal of the ban on them. The terrorists fought to establish a separate State called Tamil Eelam in the North and the East of the country with their own govenrment, with their own army to protect, with their own police force for law enforcement, with their own navy to control sea movements, with their own judicial system and courts to administer justice (Fascism), with their own departments to undertake day to day activities, with their own tax structure to collect revenue, with their own banking system to run the economy, devoid of interference by the Sri Lankan or any other government. In the name of confidence building measures the government has allowed the terrorists to establish all these institutions in the North and East, within a short period of 6 months without shedding even a drop of blood.

Today four hard core terrorists including Balasingham from the terrorist side and four members of the govenrment in Colombo are scheduled to meet in Thailand to inaugurate a session of discussion named as 'Peace Talks'. With the so-called talks what the Sri Lankan government is envisaging to achieve. Will they be able to bring North and East under the complete control of the Sri Lankan government and allow the people to live in peace without intimidation, interference or threat from anyone? Will they be able to demand the terrorists to surrender all their arms including more than 3 ship loads of arms and reportedly some amphibious planes smuggled after signing the MOU? Will they be able to disband the Eelam police force and other institutions?

The individuals who are scheduled to represent Sri Lanka in these talks have no integrity to represent this nation, that too against a terrorist outfit that devastated this nation for the last two decades. They may represent the UNP or Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe's personal Estate. Sri Lanka is not the legacy of Wickremasinghe family to be negotiated by an individual who is reported to be more closer to the USA than Sri Lanka and another two individuals with scores of corrupt allegations against them. If Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and the government were truly interested in establishing a peaceful Sri Lanka, devoid of party politics, eminent personalities such Mr. S.L.Gunasekera (one of Sri Lanka's representatives at Thimpu Talks and an expert on constitutional matters) and Mr. Lakshman Kadiragamar should have been included in the Sri Lankan delegation. The so-called Thailand Talks is nothing other than a deceitful long drawn exercise to legitimise the Eelam and plunge Sri Lanka into its Second Dark Age, first being the five hundred years of foreign domination that lasted till 1948.





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