Open Letter To The Prime Minister Of Sri Lanka

Dear Mr. Prime Minister Of Sri Lanka, Honored Sir!

In addressing you directly, it is with the express intent that the World will see the opinions expressed herein, especially the Expatriate Global Sri Lankan Population, many of whom are not totally in agreement with your present policies towards the LTTE a World Denounced Group Of Notorious Terrorists, as they the G.S.L.P look on in amazement at the dangerous nature of the concesssions being granted by your Administration to the LTTE who have been Internationally condemned, banned and proscribed, wondering at times what your sense of judgement is based on? Why is it do you lean so heavily on Norway whose sympathies and well wishes have visibly rested with the LTTE rather than the Sinhala Nation, as it certainly does not seem to have affiliations with logic.What are you trying to acomplish at the end of it all? which is none but a huge gamble where the stakes are extremely high and what compensations and safeguards do you have in case of failure where the fallout could easily bury you, your caucases and the entire Sinhala Nation and is there any sense of Patriotism or a National Fervour in you that may induce you to pause for a moment and ponder in wisdom and relent this 'Bull In A China Shop! Attitude Of Yours' ? Or have you concluded in a rather defeatist manner that in the event of such a catclsymic outcome it probably would not concern you as you would have by then ceased to exist! which makes it suicidal.

Presently your policies are careening in the manner of a runaway train being piloted by none other than the LTTE who have mapped their course adroitley and with cunning and have falsely conveyed to you an assurance of posterity towards the future whereas even you must be aware of their proclamations outside their negotiations with your Government which point only towards their desire for secession and their own separate state of Eelam regardless of the forked tongued rhetoric entreaties and guarantees of their spokespeople which amount to little or nothing by way of empathy towards the Sinhala Nation.

Have you not observed the high handed manner in which they offloaded weapons and arms containers in Sri Lankan territorial waters or just outside it and arrogantly transported them to their stockpile locations with easy access and without restrictions by the authorities in the not too distant past ? Does it not occur to you that the reason for their demands towards the release of LTTE Cadre imprisoned for their crimes under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, the request for so called Tamil "fishermen' in disguise to have free movement and access to the Northern and Eastern Territorial Waters,demands that LTTE personnel be granted access to all parts of the Island with no restrictions and the heinous child recruitment drive underway, veiled in their own secrecy yet transparent to the rest of the World convey a stark message? The Red Cross, Amnesty International and the many Foreign Aid Agencies and Internal Observers have researched the issue and found it conclusive that they are indeed components of a planned campaign which could eventually explode in your fact. as in fact it did in the case of some of your Predecessors and Associates?.

Why is it that your Government has not Officially placed the issue of De-Commissioning Weapons, the signing of a treaty of agreement towards denouncing their objectives towards Eelam, disbanding themselves as a Terrorist Movement as the foremost priority in all your dealings with the LTTE in their agreeing to humanely merge into the Infrastructure of Sri Lanka rather than continue their present two faced campaign complete with innuendos and false representations towards peace? Have You ever paused for a moment to think that this could be a great cause for concern and apprehension for the Sinhala Nation constantly looking over its shoulders and wondering if this is some form of complicity and collaboration with the LTTE which the previous PA Administration has pointed out constantly?

If your response to these questions will be tantamount to your having confidence in the likes of Prabakharan, Balasingham, Thamilchelvam and their ilk, somehow it would be totally unacceptable as their infamy towards being protagonists of terror far supecede their reputation as humane peacemakers with any love for the Sinhala Nation. You seem to have a gambling instinct of far reaching proportions where you are gambling with the Security and possibly the future of the Nation of Sri Lanka. One hates also to think of projecting thoughts beyond the present mantle of visibility where an all trusting Leader Of The Nation in his desperate bid to restore what he concieves as a means to restore order and normalcy to a battered Nation is inadvertently betraying it into the hands of its enemies.

Do you for a moment beleive that the LTTE have elevated you onto a pedestal of glory where you will remain for an indefinite period of time basking in the sunshine of success while they subjugate themselves to your jurisdiction? If so, you should put an end to your dreams and face reality rather than end up becoming a mere statistic. Is it possible that there is in you another Nero who might end up fiddling while Sri Lanka burns at the hands of the LTTE !?

There are may words of wisdom in recent time that have been delivered to you by the High Buddhist Clergy, Heads of other Prominent Religious and Political Groups, The President of Sri Lanka and many Global Analysts which all convey the same message"Exercise Extreme Caution In Dealing With These Murderous Terrorists, Do Not Grant Them Unnecessary Concessions Which They Could Interpret As a Bending To Their Will and Utilize With Precision To Their Advantage As History Has Proven , And Never Leave The Defence Of The Nation Unguarded As Countless Millions Of Lives Of Innocent Men Women And Children Depend On Your Wisdom!

"Generation Have Suffered Needlessly As a Result Of A Single Foolhardy Decision by Egocentric Leadership and Generations Have Benefited and Prospered Through The Wisdom Of Astute Leadership Which Heeded The Wisdom Of Its Peers And Stood Its Ground Undaunted Against All Odds" as did the noble Armies Of The Mighty And Noble DutuGemunu! "

Saman Uyana


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