Prof. Hudson McLean

“Never bargain with Terrorists” said Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady ex British Prime Minister.

And what do RanilW and his pavement hawkers do?

First, they let the Terrorists get away with murder. Then they Deproscribe them. After that, RanilW and his team try to take the high road and tell the publics, “Yes, we have stopped the War!”

Yes, the war is stopped for the time being. Wait until the Tigers are let loose to roam the land.

After over 20 years of connivance, deception and every single wily act in the book, in their long history of murder and annihilation, no one in his right mind would believe that an ill educated bunch of murderers would pocket their knives and sit down for a decent civilised conversation.

Above all, Ranil allowing the Tamil Tiger Terrorists (TTT) to be elevated to the same level as a legitimately and democratically elected government, is the ultimate degrading of Democracy.

Would Al Qaeda leaders be invited by the President of USA to tea? Or would the Spanish Prime Minister invite the Basque Terrorists for a glass of wine? Or indeed Tony Blair have a chat with the IRA?

To add insult to injury, the Great Negotiating Trio or the Three Wise Men from Sri Lanka enter their negotiating venue to be told that the Sri Lankan National Standard will not fly. Because the face of the Blood Thirsty Tiger may not. This means Sri Lanka is not officially present in Thailand talks. Does this mean, that the negotiations without the National Flag pronounces that the negotiations are Not Official?

The LTTE/TTT patch in NE of Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan territory. Even any foreign Embassy, which technically is Foreign Territory, has to receive an assent from the Head of State of that country before they may raise their Standard. But the jokers from TTT think that they can fly their rag anywhere they please. That is their level of education.

God only knows who designed that horrible face of an evil Tiger. Indicates the psychological and mental State of the designer and the person who briefed the designer. Suits the Viking mentality. Not the kind of flag suitable for United Nations entrance. More for a cargo ship with a load of nuclear waste.

The team leading the TTT/LTTE are not the ideally respected bunch of negotiators either. All including the Vikings have, in their history of various adventures, have tried and failed. Norwegians record is that they tried to put Israel and Palestine on a path to peace. One can see that both parties are in “pieces”. V Rudrakumaran tried to fight the government of USA to withdraw the classification of LTTE as Terrorists, and he failed. This is despite having an eminent and a very expensive legal team to support his attack. And we all know the record of Dr. Anton Balasingham. Left Jaffna through the back door and failed on every single mission. Colonel Adele Balasingham is the only real success story. Her efforts to build up the TTT Womens Brigade as a ruthless force, was most successful in killing little infants by cracking their tiny skulls, hacking pregnant women and slaughtering the Sinhala farmers who were asleep.

Now they all desire peace. Do me a favour, please. Pull my other leg. It has bells on it!

They all want to go to heaven or attain Nirvana. But only through the Gates of Hell!





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